Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Francis Collins is Delusional

I had assumed that Francis Collins was fully versed on modern evolutionary thought, but he clearly has an understanding of it that would receive a failing grade in a university. How do I know? Collins was recently on Colbert, and the way he explained evolution is so butt fucking ignorant and embarrassingly stupid my jawed almost fell on the floor. You seriously have to listen to this man to believe it. Unfortunately, Youtube is down right now so I can't link it. You can also catch the clip on onegoodmove.org from a couple of days ago. Here's a gem from the brainwashed dufus-

"Evolution is God's plan for giving upgrades.You're a fruitfly it doesn't work so well, you need to do more than that. You're a mammal but you still have that thumb that isn't in the right place. Upgrade! You need a bigger brain in order to have your intelligence, upgrade! You need language, upgrade!"

If these statements are not patently absurd to you, you are a creationist. Did the lizard which shoots blood from it's eye have to upgrade from it's prior state of not shooting blood from it's eye? Collins seems to suggest that the dinosaurs were a n experiment that diddn't work so God wiped them out to make way for mammals. This is bordering on psychosis in my estimation. This is a deep and intentional misreading of reality.

Collins shows that a person can be brilliant and inciteful in one area, but terribly misled and forcefully delusional in another. Deciphering the human genome, let me remind you, does not require being informed in evolutionary biology.

Collins believes precisely what he wishes to be true.

He needs to read "The Selfish Gene" by Richard Dawkins. See my next post.


VTPOET said...

Yeah... I don't know much about Collins but for what I read of his argument in TIME.

Anybody who believes God has to be a "Christian God", as far as I'm concerned, has more or less soaked their credibility in gasolin and lit a match.

However, I still think he made a point that needs to be made, and is the only argument with any validity. If God exists (whatever you take that to be), then the constraints of Time and Space probably do not apply to this consciousness. And if so, then God is not something science will be able to poke and prod.

At the moment, that makes God irrelevant, from a scientific perspective.

Aaron said...

Even Richard Dawkins is open to the possibility of a higher intelligence of some sort organizer the physical laws in some way or another.

You and I can agree for sure that,
to assume this god is in any way related to Christianity is ridiculous.