Sunday, June 29, 2008

More profound Global Warming stupidity

You really have to see this whole transcript to appreciate just how *fucking* stupid this guy is. And I really mean it- low I.Q. type stupid.

June 27

GLENN: Okay, here's the headline. I don't have it in front of me. Do you happen to have the headline in front of you? It's like, no ice this summer on the North Pole. STU: Yes, something like that.

GLENN: Okay. And it talks about how there's just record ice melts. It's just never, ever been like this ever before. No ice this summer at the North Pole. Okay. Then if you click on through it, you will see a chart. Now, maybe I'm reading this wrong, Stu, and you're our in-house global warming expert. Maybe I'm reading this wrong but doesn't the chart show from 1970 to today the average melting of the ice, right?

STU: Yeah. And, of course, obviously it melts every year at generally the same pace. [Bullshit!]

GLENN: Okay. Then I think it was last year, was the bottom line last year? STU: Yeah, the bottom line, the yellow line would be last year.

GLENN: Okay. Last year it melted at a faster rate but it still paralleled the line but it was slightly below it. STU: Yes.

GLENN: This year it's in between the top line and the bottom line. STU: Yeah. And the top line is the average from 1970 now into 2000.

GLENN: Right. And today for some reason everybody's freaking out that it is melting faster than ever before when their own chart shows that it's not melting faster than ever before. It's melting less than it did last year. And just slightly under the average. It's incredible.

I have no idea what chart Glenn is looking at, but this one here is accurate. The truth is that the arctic ice has been declining by an average of 44,000 square Km per year (twice the size of New Jersey). Glenn can't read a chart any 8th grader should be able to read. . What he calls the "average" line from 1970 to present is a running average or trend line with an obvious almost eerily linear downwards slope. One scientist believes there is about a 50-50 chance for the first ice free north pole in recorded history. Is Glenn Beck this stupid? No. He's lying outright. He knows it. He does it purposely. He knows his audience are a bunch of dimwitted fools. He doesn't care. Then in the next segment he probably discussed his religious faith or something. Addition: Glen Beck's chart. Lol. He thinks that because this year is slightly below the moving average, that's good for his case.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Time capsule

I am adding this little video as a time capsule to reflect on in the future for entertainment purposes. I have a regular discussion with an off-the-charts- Konservative friend who sounds like a Limbaugh talking point broken record. I have told him many times that the only thing Rush will be remembered as in 50 years is "the guy who lied continuously about global warming". I ask my friend why he doesn't believe that mankind is causing global warming, but he can't give an answer. He doesn't understand the first thing about the issue. He merely assumes that since Rush is so certain that it is a hoax, then there must therefore be a good reason for him to believe so. No need to look at the data. I tell him that 2+2=4 and he says that this is just my opinion. I say, no really it does, I know it does, and he says -well, I just disagree.

If you know anything at all about this issue, you will find this video strikingly dumb. If you aren't absolutely bowled over by the sheer magnitude of stupidity involved with these statements, you can find each of his talking points refuted here by the actual facts- 12 global warming myths.

These 12 myths are repeated again and again and again by talk radio misinformationists and disinformers. They can never be bothered by the facts. They never provide the entire story. Their entire case is half-truths, distortions and outright lies. They simply rest assured that the outright lazy ignorance of their audience will carry the day.

Today I heard Hush Bimbo say something true (no really). He was talking about how James Hansen of Nasa was desiring to bring oil companies to justice who were knowingly misinforming the public. Bimbo took the blame, and said that he was in fact mostly to blame for misleading the public on the issue, not the oil companies. "I hope I get subpoenaed" he said. Scooter Libby crossed my mind.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tribute to Carlin

A friend sent me this link that was on a local radio station- said I'd like it. In fact I do. I can't agree more about all of it. Looks like Carlin was pissed off about the same things I am- talk radio, the stupidity of the public, and the absurdity of religion. He made a career by pointing out the obvious.

holy shit, this one is better

Monday, June 23, 2008

Exxon Cuts Funding to Global Warming Denialists

I am sensing several turning points in the world today concerning climate change.
NASA global warming bigwig James Hansen is testifying to Congress that chief executives of large fossil fuel companies should be put on trial for high crimes against humanity and nature, for actively spreading doubt about global warming just like tobacco companies did with smoking and cancer.

In news from just last week, "The oil giant ExxonMobil has admitted that its support for lobby groups that question the science of climate change may have hindered action to tackle global warming. In its corporate citizenship report, released last week, ExxonMobil says it intends to cut funds to several groups that "divert attention" from the need to find new sources of clean energy."

"Nine groups have reportedly lost the company's support, including the George C Marshall Institute, the Washington DC-based think tank that asserts there is no scientific consensus on climate change, and that changes in the sun, not greenhouse gases, could be responsible for rising temperatures."

in 2005 ExxonMobil distributed $2.9m to 39 groups that the society said "misrepresented the science of climate change by outright denial of the evidence".

Locally, I notice everyone is beginning to realize that they need to alter their lifestyle, look towards the future, and realize that things are not going to be the same again. The local news stated that 2008 could be seen by historians as the year that gas consumption began a permanent decrease.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

White House Releases Global Warming Report

After trying to weasel out of facing the facts, and under a court order, President Bush's top science advisors issued a comprehensive report Thursday that for the first time admits what every sane person already knows: that greenhouse gases from fossil fuel combustion "are very likely the single largest cause" of Earth's warming.

$20 billion in research was used to come up with this 271 page report (summarized here) , and for some odd reason, not a single one of Rush Limbaugh's talking points were discovered to be valid, thus demonstrating the Liberal bias of the Bush administration, which was finally forced to release this report.

Under court order.

Among the conclusions, delivered with perfect timing considering the epic midestern flooding right now, is that there has been (and will be further) overall increase in unusually high precipitation events and an overall increase in annual precipitation.

The 100 year flood now seems to be the 10 year flood.

Here is the ABC news report.

In other news, there was another casualty of the Midwest flooding seen floating down the Mississippi following the latest Newsweek poll which shows the racist, terrorist loving, America Hating- Barack Hussein Obama ahead by 15 points.

"Stoned Slackers" Know the Most

"You know the research on your show, 87% who watch it are intoxicated"
"Your audience is younger and left leaning....18-25.. the people who are on your intellectual level"- Oreilly to John Stewart

This is really old, but still just as funny as ever. Watchers of the Daily Show and Colbert report are more knowledgable about what is going on than any other news viewers according to research. This must have shocked Bill Oreilly, after he called Stewart and Colbert watchers "stoned slackers".

What makes it more interesting is that the Daily Show and Colbert don't focus on educating their audience about news stories very much like the other shows are supposed to be doing. It is assumed that the audience of the Daily Show already knows what is going on in order to understand all the jokes. Daily show lovers have received their news from elsewhere, and are just plain more informed to begin with.

Fox news channel is second to last, only worsted by morning news. How can this be? My guess is they are not only getting less information about what is actually happening, but inaccurate information. There was another piece of research that showed that Fox news viewers were more likely than any other newsers to have totally false beliefs about the events surrounding 9/11 and Iraq.

Oreilly and Limbaugh score 4th and 6th. Listening to their shows, you get a pretty good exposure to all sorts of different news stories, but you learn less and less about more and more. And if you are listening to Limbaugh, then you probably aren't at a job, and therefore have more time to gather news. Oreilly has the oldest demographic, lots of retired people who don't work and probably have plenty of time to learn the news. To be fair, maybe the stoned slackers don't work either, or are in college. But they are smarter.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Comedy From Comedian Rush Limbaugh

click to enlarge
May 28th 2008
Rush Limbaugh Show
"The oil price continues to fall today. It's 129, yesterday, 127, 128 in some places today. I've been monitoring it for you. "
Whew, and here I was thinking gas wouldn't be $4.41 across the street today. Thanks for the good news Rush!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Moyers at NCMR

"We now know that a neoconservative is an arsonist who sets the house on fire and six years later boasts that noone can put it out. You couldn't find a more revealing measure of the state of the dominant media today than the continuing ubiquitous presence on the air and in print of the very pundits and experts, self-selected message multipliers of a disasterous foreign policy, who got it all wrong in the first place. It just goes to show, when the bar is low enough, you can never be too wrong."

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Anatomy of a Fox news Smear

Here's the Oreilly edited version of the Moyers incident completely mutilating the spirit of the exchange and making it look as if Moyers is afraid to go on Billo's show. As is par for the course, Oreilly avoids actually discussing the content of the event and brings on his body language expert who concludes that Porter handled himself well. This is just fucking incredible.

And here is the Olbermann version, which captures the spirit of the occurence the way it actually happened. Fortunately we know for once how things *actually* happened, since Moyers had his own cameramen.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Bill Moyers Schools Fox news Assassin

This is truly one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. A Fox news hit piece is attempted for the Bill Oreilly show at a Bill Moyers speech for a media reform conference. The fake journalist from the fake news network gets a taste of his own medicine.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


"The most important thing in the *world*..... is my family's money."

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

McClellan Schools Oreilly

This is absolutely nuts. If you watch this you will see that Scott McClellan easily refutes every one of Bill Oreilly's fake outrage laden talking points with simple facts that Oreilly has no comeback for. Oreilly is fully committed to being outraged at McClellan's book, but can't find a valid reason why despite trying his best to manufacture one.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Baghdad Bob gets Pwned by Lockhart

See Bob talk about everything other than the issues.
See Bob get pwned.

Rush "Baghdad Bob" Limbaugh

I've gone through and listed some of the BaghdadBobisms belched by comedian Thrush Limblow in his response to the McClellan contraversy. There's just not enough space to cover all of it. You can see the transcript here.
"Well, another day, another Republican turncoat. We have more so-called conservatives and Republicans abandoning the cause, seeking approval from the left. It just seems to be an endless tide."

["The right" is more important than the truth. Everyone has gone insane, but Rush, who singlehandedly holds the truth]

"The oil price continues to fall today." [LMAO]

"[The McClellan book] Sounds like a liberal blogger. It really does. Somebody got hold of him. "
[as if just saying so makes it true]

"The liberals and the Democrats are out trying to destroy this administration"
[and now that limblow calls even the republicans "liberals", he is telling the truth- *everyone* is calling this administration out]

"I've gone and checked out the Democrat blogs today, you know what? They're not particularly worked up about it because this is not new stuff. "We've known this since 2000. We don't care about this. You guys are just figuring this out. We've known this all along,"
[mmmmhhm. And even when Bush's own minister of public propaganda recants, it isn't enough to change your mind. It's only a motivation to develop several possible conspiracy theories to add to your list of ways to combat obvious realities]

"My memory, folks, is that McClellan was a little doughboy standing up there."
[thats not what you said then. But since he is a doughboy, I guess we can ignore what he said and just name call. Seems to be your favorite tactic when reality hits you over the head]

"There's another theory going around about Scott McClellan, and this is by Lee Cary from the American Thinker; "Scott McClellan's book is making big waves in the last election for Texas governor. ..."
[Ahhh, so THAT explains it. He writes a book breaking ties with his party and cohorts of decades condemning himself as a complicit propagandist in order to influence the Texas governor election. Good one Baghdad. Just throw enough shit against the wall and hope something sticks. This is not just a "theory", it is a *conspiracy* theory, and a laughable one at that]

Then Limblow strings several sentences together that are almost entirely true. Not just true, but great observations to boot. Here is Limblow kneeling on his stumped knees as the Black Knight, observing honestly his hacked off appendages, and spinning reality 180 degrees to the one conclusion about the situation which is the most unreasonable one possible:

" What liberals do, they search out people like McClellan so they can trash Republicans and conservatives [true, but they don't have to try very hard]. I mean, look at John Dean. John Dean, now a huge star on what, MSNBC? David Gergen. David Rodham Gergen used to be a fairly conservative Republican, roots back to Reagan. Now look at him. He's up there at the Kennedy School and he's on CNN, and his purpose is to bash Republicans because they, the Republicans, they went too far right, or they went too far south, or they got too extreme or whatever. And all these reasonable wise men decided that they could no longer be part of where the Republican Party was going. Richard Armitage, Colin Powell.....These people, now they're treated like liberal elites because they see the light. "

Now for perspective, back to Limbaughs opening statement as he stands limbless:

"Well, another day, another Republican turncoat. We have more so-called conservatives and Republicans abandoning the cause, seeking approval from the left. It just seems to be an endless tide. "

[When you are forced to define "the left" as virtually everyone in U.S. politics, it's time to drop back and punt or devise a new scheme. Limblow will never do that and this is why he sounds like he's about to have a nervous breakdown. The writing is on the wall. His days are numbered and he sees it. America has outgrown his brand of reactionary pornographic hyperpartisan politics, and nothing is better at showing how "irrelevent" and destructive to the discourse he is than his reaction to McClellan.]