Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Slice of Americana

60% of republicans flat out don't "believe" in evolution.
and 40% of democrats.
I couldn't believe this. I had to poll the masses to see if it were true and I found the perfect place to get a random slice of Americana.
To put it into perspective, I would estimate there to be between 100-1000 times more evidence for evolution than there is for man made global warming. For all practical purposes there is an infinity more evidence for evolution because it is a closed case, as certain as the earth revolves around the sun. Even academic IDers almost universally acknowledge the reality of evolution.
In my random slice of Americana (source withheld), these were typical responses to the question- do you believe that evolution is true or false? The typical answerer was also quick to rail on about the "evil librolls" trying to destroy America etc etc.. in the other forums. This strange marriage between disbelieving science and being a staunch conservative republican is fascinating to me. Statements:
There has been no proof that evolution has ever taken place.
Evolution is impossible. Why do so many people believe it?
it takes more faith than anything to believe we evolved from apes.
Nothing would be able to survive if it lost something as important as a piece of it's heart---so how did anything ever evolve?
The big bang theory is as erroneous as saying a tornado went over a junk yard and made a jet plane.
people beleive this because they are in denial and cant beleive that we were created from scrath by a higher beingthese people will beleive anything if its "scientificly proven" against god
satan is doing every thing that he can to get into people's heads
Call me stupid but I think their little scientific reasoning sounds more stupid than the Bible does.
Because everyone knows biologISTS are atheISTS (aka satanISTS)
It's a big atheist conspiracy!
there is no half monkey half man. they look for a missing link but there is none. God created the world.
What kind of a world are we living in? People think they can just believe whatever they feel like believing even if they have very little knowledge on subjects?

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