Sunday, September 23, 2007

Assault on Reason

Finished it. There are parts of this book which were amazingly well written. The chapter "Convenient Untruths" should be mandatory reading.

I am deeply biased in my assessment. Come to think of it, I can't even understand what the counterargument would possibly be. Would it be something like this?-

1.) No Mr. Gore, one-way media where one debator is also the moderator and the controller of the volume switch is good for the marketplace of ideas, and promotes a reasonable citizenry.

2.) No, the internet is bad because then more people learn facts and have dialogues and that's not good for ultra-conservative propaganda. The internet supports terrorism.

3.) No Mr. Gore, just because there is overwhelming scientific concensus on certain major issues doesn't mean there isn't a heated debate still raging and that we should carry out rash actions right away.

4.) No, I think it's great that oil companies fund the president's version of climate research because they have the most at stake.

5.) Wrong again Gore, the founding fathers bent over backwards trying to provide the executive branch with unlimited power.

6.) And of course, everyone knows that giant corporations are themselves "persons". Duh! Didn't you read the constitution?

7.) What do you mean watching TV is bad for your mind? I wouldn't know anything about Brittany, OJ, Peterson or Paris, let alone other major world developments if it weren't for 24 hour news.

Admit it Mr. Gore, Bush is the best president ever. If it wasn't for you liberals, we'd have owned Iraq long ago.

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