Friday, February 01, 2008

Hell Freezes Over

Is this the makings of a landslide for Dem's? The neocon talk radio slime ball network is fractured. They hate McCain more than they hate Hillary!!!

And it's looking like nobody is going to stop McCain. He was nowhere in the horserace a handful of weeks ago and then all of a sudden I think he became the default candidate when everyone gave up on Guiliani and Romney.

Ann Coultergeist appeared on the bewildered Fox News in front of a pale faced Sean Hannity to say that not only would she endorse Hillary if she goes up against McCain, but she would *campaign* for her! No, I'm serious.


upinVermont said...

In fact.... sea levels in hell have been falling due to glacial formation. Satan has declared a climate crisis and has also issued a fatwah on Ann Coulter.

Aaron said...

I have lost faith in my predictive ability. I would have never thought McCain would be the repub nominee and I never thought Coultergeist could say something good about a Clinton, let alone endorse her.

What's next? Sean Hannity has an NDE and realizes he's a panty waste and becomes a zen monk.

upinVermont said...

I've lost faith in mine.

I never thought Hillary would get this far. And now it seems that she might be the Democratic nominee.

I'm speechless.

I really can't see how she could win, but I've been wildly wrong up to this point.

My prediction is that if it's between her and McCain, McCain will win. Of course, given my complete misreading of Democrats thus far, this probably means that Clinton will win.

Aaron said...

I think the dem nominee will win almost certainly. My dad is a lifelong republican. He wants to vote for McCain but is seriously thinking of voting for Hillary. My mother, who normally does whatever my dad does, is surely voting for Hillary. James Dobson of focus on the family came out and said that if McCain wins the repub nomination he will not vote for the first time inhis life. Limbaugh, Coulter, and all their duplicates- thousands upon thousands of people, despise McCain.

Fear not!

But then again, I was almost certain the Pats would win sunday.