Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Racists pity those with epicanthal folds

First of all, what a stupid ad by the Spanish basketball team. But far from racist. A racist would instantly recognize the powder keg this ad would be and would never think to do it. A non-racist might not. 

A racist thinks there's something goofy about the epicanthal fold of the Asian eye and would never openly make fun of it. A non-racist does not, and may consider doing an ad like this.

A racist may get deeply offended by an ad like this, perhaps because somewhere inside they pity Asian people for having epicanthal folds. The non-racist does not see the epicanthal fold as having any particular significance.

Once again, the media absolutely *insists* that race becomes an issue. And the real racially driven people- those journalists who tend to find racism like a Catholic finds images of Mary, always seem to pat themselves on the back for being so astute.

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