Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Love Hate Relationship with Bill Oreilly

Occasionally Bill Oreilly lashes out at the right wing. It is always amusing to hear Limbaugh listeners call in to Oreilly's show with their rehearsed talking points only to be called a bunch-o- lunatics by Oreilly. This was extremely entertaining during the height of the gas price escalation when the Limbaugh talking point was that the government was responsible for the price increase, exonerating the actual white collar criminals and greed driven exploiters who were behind it, or even praising them for being great capitalists. I knew this was the Limbaugh talking point because my right wing buddy from school called and rehashed it all over the phone as if from a teleprompter, or as if he had somehow become an instant expert on the issue. 

These right wing ideologue shows are literally like a joke following the typical algorithm- you set the joke up with a mundane series of events and then the punch line is something you never expected because it is exactly opposite of the obvious reality of the situation, yet still seems to make sense to the logically impaired. Man walks into a bar, white collar criminals are stealing his money... It's the government's fault. Lol.  An italian, a Jew and a Mexican become governor's and decide to use right wing based deregulation of the financial markets to make the wealthy wealthier and it led to a collapse of the entire economic system... It's the democrats fault. Haha, get it? Wasn't that funny? 

If you need that unhealthy right wing radio fix like I do you will understand the absolute horseshit these nutcases have been spewing lately. Take Glenn Beck for instance, who railed on  about the initial bailing out of Fanny and Freddy only to see the entire system collapse within weeks, completely obliterating his entire belief system before his eyes and leaving him spitting and gesticulating, waving his hand randomly in search of someone else to blame, or perhaps for a bottle of vodka. I thought I would find it funny to see that chipmunk cheeked ass bag humiliated, but instead I found it sad. Then there's Hannity- the living freak show of television whose views are so startlingly false so startlingly often that you wonder how he continues to draw an audience, or take even himself seriously. then Limbaugh- whose opinions are as predictable as the sunrise. In case you haven't listened for awhile, it's all STILL Clinton's fault.

Oreilly finally snapped and called it for what it is. this clip doesn't capture the extent of it. One caller made a great point- why does the overtly biased Oreilly feel free to name names on the left, but not on the right? If Oreilly were fair he would "go after" Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, Ingraham et al... and take cameras into their bathrooms while they are taking shits to ask them a few questions. Man up Bill'o, that'll be the day you live up to your self-described "independent" label.


upinVermont said...

To call Oreilly a slow learner would be a cosmological understatement. Did it really take a Sarah Palin to clue him into Right Wing Radio's conservative "idiology"?

C'mon, Oreilly can read the tea leaves. He's known about this rubbish for a long time. Oreilly is nothing, if not a self-promoter. He sees the ship is sinking and he's the first "right-wing media" rat to bail. If he can increase his listenership by defecting to the Left, he will.

Aaron said...

That is exactly it. The entrepeneurial talk host is always a fair weather fan for ratings. It has come to the point where the right wing talking points are no longer acceptable to sane version of the right wing itself. The far right continues to straighten deck chairs on the Titanic. Limbaugh has taken to calling republicans liberals, etcetera... Nothing will stop these guys from their delusions.

It is now only a matter of time before the press says "Palin was a disastrous error", after recently saying "Palin was a brilliant pick".

If this goes on and she has enough exposure I predict a landslide election. The rumor is that even the higher ups of the McCain campaign are upset at how inadequate she is in interviews. They are hiding her from the media because they know she sucks.

My question is, why does Oreilly defend her? How can anyone claim to care about foreign policy toughness, the supposed trademark of the republican candidate, yet not call out the hysterically inadequate Sarah palin. Watch this video.