Friday, July 14, 2006

Moment of Zen

I never thought in my entire life I'd be tired of sex. I seriously don't ever want to see a naked woman with a perfect body ever again. Now I understand those guys who prefer obese women. Perfection can get stale after awhile. You need a little character now and then-a little asymmetry, something out of sync, something dissonant, some offhanded odor that makes a smelling salt seem like a summer's breeze.

Actually, I'm in the doghouse right now.

And frankly, I couldn't much care. I have about 5 sperm left, and I'm counting on saving at least one of the little bastards.

This leads me to my moment of zen, courtesy of Alex G:

Let us humbly bend our necks and ask ourselves the following:

"If a man makes a statement
deep in the middle of a forest
where no woman can hear him...

Is he still wrong?"


Charles said...

If it's not one thing it's another.

Aaron said...

Just do as your told.

VtPoet said...

Ah, I see...

You think that you are bored with the perfect body?

No, it's not that. If you were with a woman with big tits, you would want small tits. If you were with a woman with small hips, you would want big hips. If the woman only wanted to be on top, you would thirst for doggie style. If she only wanted doggie style, you would thirst for missionary. If she were assymetrical, you would thirst for perfection again.

No matter what woman you are with, post copulatory boredom sets in. That is the way nature has designed men. As soon as you leave the good doctor, you will lust for the good doctor.

Nature has designed us to get bored... no matter what... It helps with the propagation of genes.

Poor bastard.

Aaron said...

Oh yes, I know. And knowing that makes the struggle mor palatable. In life you cannot win, you cannot be free, there is no liberation, only ceaseless mountain climbing to new vistas that become uninteresting up and up forever.

I guess this should mean I can quit incarnating now right? No more desire? I think that the yogis should have realized that the quickest and easiest way to fulfill all desires in males is to eliminate the secretion of testosterone. It's much easier than meditation. And all human desire is driven by innate chemistry, not souls. This is how I know that all spiritual theory is based on neural noise. But that said, I want to try psilocybin.

charles said...

i'll do it with you.
pick a good environ and set a date.

VtPoet said...

Christie Brinkley's husband cheats with an eighteen year old.

Age trumps everthing.

I rest my case.;_ylt=AnQvlkcJa3UxgXCpl7ItanUDW7oF;_ylu=X3oDMTBhZDJjOXUyBHNlYwNtdm5ld3M-