Saturday, April 21, 2007

Is Radin Full of it???

I've been wanting to write this post for awhile but have put it off.

In conversing with former psi reasearcher Louie Savva, I have learned some interesting new perspectives concerning Dean Radin, our beloved spoon bender. Radin's book "conscious universe" was very compelling and led me to believe there was a
massive denial about psi and that it had been proven to anyone with eyes to see that. But Louie Savva, someone who has been on the inside of this, has these various comments to say:
" Dean Radin is to some extent the nemesis of my PhD thesis, because try as I might to replicate his previously published paranormal effects, all I turned up was a whole lot of nothing!.."

" Most of my phd was an attempt to replicate Dean Radin's work. I didn't succeed.What I did find was statistical misuse and a whole lot of spin... "

"The conscious universe rekindled my interest in para, as Radin appeared to make a very good case that something was going on.But when I dug into the sources for his book, I realised that Radin had been optimistic in his interpretation of the literature, and that the research was nowhere as neat as he implies. In fact it's just plain crap! My thesis is still in its final stages, but I've posted snippets of it on this blog, and I may post the full thing when it's all over.I wouldn't waste your time on it though, just take my conclusions: there is no paranormal!"

(a) I have also come to that conclusion. The word "spiritual" is virtually synonymous with the word "bullshit" in my mind. The word "religion" is stored in my brain right next to the circuit for the word "ouija board" and "ear candling". "Parapsychology" is next to words such as "Big foot" and "UFO". I'm pretty much finished caring about the subject apart from entertainment.
I'd meant to write this post 2 days ago, but I played the odds.

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