Thursday, May 17, 2007

At a loss...

I haven't known what to write about.

For the last couple of months, I haven't participated in any discussions or contributed online.

What is there to say?

Human beings haven't changed since the beginning of recorded history. I just viewed the horrific murder of a seventeen year old girl -- a frightened child by any standard -- who just wanted to return to her family. She wanted what any daughter wants, the safety of her family. Instead, she was ambushed and stoned to death by a thousand men... literally.

Her name was Doaa Khalil Aswad.

Her crime? Falling in love and converting to Islam.

Or so they thought. I just saw an update on CNN stating that Doaa had neither eloped nor converted to Islam. The lynching and murder of Doaa was entirely the result of religious and misogynistic ignorance. The report states that 4 men have been arrested and police are searching for another four.

To which I can only ask: That's all?

I can only hope that Aaron is 100% right, that when we are dead, we are dead.
The absolute oblivion of death sounds soothing to me.

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Aaron said...

I heard that some people gathered some men from a truck or something and blew them away for retaliation for the stoning.

The only question is, how do we exterminate this culture peacefully?