Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Finger Length Predicts SAT Performance


I visited my father today and discovered that his ring and forefinger are the same length. My ring is almost 1/4" longer than my forefinger. My dad says he struggled with algebra, where it came relatively easy to me. He is great at Jeopardy tho.

We've known this for some time now. I remember posting the interview with the women having a sex change, who after being given massive doses of testosterone suddenly had a newfound understanding and interest in math and physics. Also, the preponderance of males in worldclass chess, engineering and science versus the preponderance of women in english and language classrooms is not a fluke.

Finger Length Predicts SAT Performance

"Kids with longer ring fingers compared to index fingers are likely to have higher math scores than literacy or verbal scores on the college entrance exam, while children with the reverse finger-length ratio are likely to have higher reading and writing, or verbal, scores versus math scores. "


upinVermont said...

In your post, it sounds like you are conflating the finger length with math performance among women. I don't think that's what you mean to do...

Wasn't it the President of Harvard who lost his job speculating on just such questions?

Where does this whole question stand anyway? There *is* a difference in representation between men and women in the sciences but feminists viscerally deny that the cause is biological, but sociological and cultural. Do you know what the facts are? I have heard arguments on both sides, and both side claim finality on the matter?

Aaron said...

I already knew before I read the article that men on average have longer ring fingers than women, in relation to the forefinger. Not only that but athleticism in men can be surmised pretty acurately by the same ratio.

The facts demonstrate that the concoction of chemicals a fetus is exposed to in the womb triggers different degrees of brain development in different areas. This is interesting because the differences in men and women are not all just due to their own genetic differences. It is also a common mechanism used to theorize about tomboys and homosexuals.

I think that people are in denial about this.