Sunday, June 10, 2007

Creation Vs. Evolution the Card Game!

Membership is open to everyone, so you can add your own cards. Sometime before next Darwin Day I plan to write up the rules for Creationism: The Card Game (or CreationismTCG if I get carried away). I’ve got a fairly well fleshed-out idea of how it would work, and it won’t be a Magic rip-off. There’s a nod to Netrunner though.

Briefly the game will be Creationist versus Scientist. The Scientist’s goal will be to gain 30 credibility points, which ends the game. The Creationist’s aim will be to gain as many credibility points as possible before the Scientist wins.

The full match will be two games, with the players playing once as Scientist and once as Creationist with the winner being the player with the highest aggregate credibility. The Scientist player will gain points by publishing papers and books. The Creationist player will gain credibility by getting religion into schools or interfering with the Scientist’s cards.

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