Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Best Hitchens Debate Ever

Hitchins McGrath debate

Hitchens has been doing some exercise and has had spa treatment. He even combed his hair. Shit, he even bought a new suit for the first time since the publication of his last book.

This is the single most one sided debate I've seen I think. Hitchens lays forth his arguments so solidly that his opponents has little desire to continue talking after awhile and even the moderator seems mesmerized and subservient to Hitchen's desire to hog the floor as he always tries to do. The simple and obvious thing here is that Hitchens wants to keep talking and his opponent has nothing really to say.


Charles said...

I didn't think his opponent did too poorly. There are few folks alive that have sharper tongues than Hitch, but they guy didn't embarass himself. He tried to augment a practical side of belief. It has no real foundation in scripture but that's beside the point. Dennett's talk was better I thought. --ck

Aaron said...

I thought McGrath was going to start drinking out of the fish tank in the lobby. Damn all that thinkin' gets a man thirsty! Their only stronghold is to stick to the origins of the universe. They have a shot there and can hold their ground. Once they get to evolution they begin to lose. Once they start discussing the bible they are sitting ducks. The best they can do is reinvent Jesus. I commend modern Christians for having invented a much better god than was given to them.