Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sam Harris

Here is the speech Harris gave at AAI. I believe this is his second most profound and courageous stance yet (the first being the initial speeches he gave before atheism was a popular thing). Harris has stuck to his guns and maintained his own identity. It is so incredibly valuable that one of the spokespeople for rationality has a history as a spiritual contemplative. He understands that scientific awe is not the same as satori. Unfortunately, I don't think most of his audience truly grasps a word of what he is saying, which is why I think this is so courageous. His point is that everyone values their deep internal mystical experiences that give their lives enrichment. And just the word "atheism" has an unfortunate connotation that seems to instantly render these precious experience as "false", "pointless" etc... merely because they are so enmeshed in spiritual mumbo jumbo. So using the word "atheist" instantly alienates thousands upon thousands of people who would otherwise be open to everything that is being said against religious superstition. The majority of the audience disagrees with him.

Harris 1
Harris 2

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