Sunday, January 06, 2008


This cartoon was banned by the Mormon church, but I have it on word from an ex-Mormon that it's all true.

Now, even if there were a god of some kind, would it really matter whether you didn't believe anything at all, or you bought into this utter horseshit?


Anonymous said...

no cartoon seen, only black space. However, since you "have it from an ex-mormon" it must be true. After all, there are ex-religionists from all faiths who don't believe in god anymore, so that must be true, right? Nothing like empirical evidence to bolster your argument! I don't believe in unicorns, but I also don't waste my time trying to prove they don't exist while blasting away at those who believe in them.
Your world view is a curiosity to me. As an example, hen you amass information, you call it "education," but when I do same, you call it "brainwashing."
IMO, there is a lot of fear in between the lines of your script. You constantly struggle to prove yourself and your views *right* all the while asserting those views you disagree with as "utter horseshit." The shallowness of such a banal position is often a prime indicator of said fear.
1/2 sad, 1/2 comical}:-

Aaron said...

Welcome back Mike. I had a hunch you wouldn't be able to keep your hand out of the cookie jar. I had a glance at your website and saw that not much of interest is happening there. Feel free to stay here and contribute. All opinions are welcome. Even really bad ones with little or no evidence to support them.

Here is the link to the Mormon video:

My amassing of information from a large majority of experts in various fields which undergo strict peer review is indeed called "education".

Your addiction to amassing selective information which stems from a handful of outliers who are not endorsed by the majority of experts, while criticizing those who know substantially more than you do for not agreeing with the outliers is in fact "self-brainwashing" "self-propagandizing" or "armchair conspiracy theorizing".

I assume you *too* think Mormonism is bullshit. But you take the stance that people of faith often take- they believe in belief. Even if they totally don't even believe in the belief itself, they respect the act of believing *something*. This pussified stance is seen in many venues. Pussified liberals do it when they try to pretend that Islam is a peaceful religion. Pussified Rabbis defend Christianity just because it is a form of faith, even though they think the entire foundation of the faith is absolute nonsense. Pussified Christian conservatives respect Mitt Romney because he is a "person of faith" even though they truly believe that Mormonism is completely and utterly made-up.

So why are you being a pussy?

If you really don't believe in Mormonism, why do you defend it? Your wishy washiness is just like the liberals you hate.

I come back to my original point. What difference does it make if a person believes in a religion that is patently false (pick whichever one you want) versus someone who believes in no religious idea at all?

Why would you stand up for Mormonism despite not believing it, yet get your panties in a bunch over someone who rejects *all* religious beliefs? What's the big diff?

Seems irrational. It's almost as if you are afraid that maybe the atheists are right.

upinVermont said...


I had no idea the gods needed safety pins. And here I thought they were invented in 1849 by Walter Hunt (although Wikipedia states they were invented in the Late Mycenaean era).

That safety-pin just blew my mind.