Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oreilly Says Something True

Break out the champagne, Oreilly said something true. Once in awhile he does.

And drawing from the godfather of the modern conservative movement himself, here is Newt Gingrich. This is the most perfect distillation of the Conservative political motivation to obscure the global warming issue as any I've witnessed.


upinVermont said...

It's too bad they didn't play Kerry's response to Gingrich's claim (that Environmentalism has been a calling card for higher taxes and bigger government). On the other hand, Kerry is a reliably ineffectual and feckless debater when confronted with conservative "think tank" rhetoric.

Fact is, conservatives are presently trying to block state efforts (VT, CA, MA, PA, etc.) at controlling CO2 emissions using all the tools of Big Government (read Federal intervention). Gingrich's claims are idiotic. It's only Big Government when it's governing that Gingrich doesn't like. This kind of facile Republican "think tank framing" is just that, facile.

It's too bad the Democrats still don't get it.

As to higher taxes, Kerry could have easily pointed out that a poor environment is far more costly to everyone than higher taxes. And what does raising taxes have to do with it anyway?

Aaron said...

They have an answer to everything anyone points out to them. China agreed to cut CO2 by 20% in the coming years. I pointed this out to someone today and they replied that only an idiot liberal would actually believe China is really going to do this, as if that's a decent argument. They feel threatened that their tiny little bubble of denial deflating, and their pet distraction of pointing to China and India has been countered.

The other example of duplicity you see by people like Glenn Beck is that they will say that global warming is real and we need to confront it, but then turn around and say that it's a "natural cycle". Only a handful of scientists still think it's a natural cycle. But even if it were, why would you bother doing something about it if it is natural? It betrays either his lack of conviction for the shyte he is selling, or his lack of understanding of the issue. But his tune has changed over the years as he and his clones get backed into a corner and lose support. He has gone from its not happening, to man's not doing it, to man's only doing part of it, to warming is good anyways. He needs his fat ass kicked in my opinion. Nothing stops these people from bullshitting themselves. They were born minus any semblance of a super-ego.

At the end of the day I can give a firm guarantee to anyone that if it were perfectly monetarily free to fix the global warming problem, not a single right wing radio personality would be arguing that it isn't man-made. Lying pieces of shit, all of them.

Aaron said...

This is a republican environmentalism website up Newt's alley that's pretty good. It has a list of GW myths and truths that are worth looking at.

I find it interesting that last time Mike and I debated GW he ranted about sunspots and volcanoes. Now that these ideas have been thoroughly dismantled and aren't even used in argument by skeptics anymore, he has to invent some more reasons not to believe. They keep searching desperately for reasons to deny. When you have to search for reasons to believe an extreme minority opinion on a subject you are not an expert in, you know that you are afflicted with classic denialism syndrome.