Friday, June 20, 2008

Comedy From Comedian Rush Limbaugh

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May 28th 2008
Rush Limbaugh Show
"The oil price continues to fall today. It's 129, yesterday, 127, 128 in some places today. I've been monitoring it for you. "
Whew, and here I was thinking gas wouldn't be $4.41 across the street today. Thanks for the good news Rush!


upinVermont said...

Ha! Every once in a while I try to listen to Rush, but the EIB Network just doesn't broadcast in Vermont. And did you know that Vermont is still the only state in the union that Bush hasn't visited? I love VT.

Also, I deleted the last post & all the comments. The comments were going in a direction I regret taking. If Mike wants to get personal, let him; but I don't want to. I also deleted all my old E-Mails once and for all.

As you say, Aaron, some of this stuff can be unhealthy. There's an old Zen story about two Monks and an old woman. I don't want to be the Monk who carries the old woman on his back long after the stream is crossed.

Aaron said...

I enjoy Mike's writing and wish to keep an archive of it. If I ever go back to college, I am going to major in some sort of human behavioral science and try to open up a field called "denialogy"- The study of the human denial of the obvious. I think that if we can study FMRI brain signitures of various belief systems, we can actually determine denialists by specific brain patterns. It won't even be that hard. The simple difference in that denialists brains search for ways to spin the facts to their beliefs. Whereas rational open minded people's brains search for ways to update their opinions to fit the facts.

This won't prove any particular view right or wrong. But it can prove that someone is habitually disinterested in acknowledging reality. Mike will be my subject, and I need his writing for my thesis.

Lincoln denialogs said...
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old gold said...
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upinVermont said...

Yes, Mike, these are some of the E-Mails.

And yes, this was your line of questioning: "if gays can marry, then where does it stop?"

You were (and maybe are?) vigorously opposed to gay marriage and your anti-homosexual rhetoric only escalated from there. Your E-Mails only confirm what I wrote.

But, have your fun Mike. If you want to declare victory, go ahead. Maybe you have nothing better to do than relive all this rubbish but I do.

I leave it to you & Aaron.

Aaron said...

Mike, feel free to post our old conversations on your *own* website, I could not care less. But only post it on mine if it has some sort of relevence (which the comments did not)and doesn't destroy the comment thread by it's length. I glanced at a few of them. My favorite- (a) SDW you can shove it up your fucking ass. LOL!! Where is that guy anyways?

It must be nice for you to have an archive of sorts so you can keep track of how wrong you are as time unfolds. I wonder if you still have your comments about global warming from a few years ago. I remember some such bullshit about volcanoes or something. I think eventually you decided to change your reasons for not believing in GW once the old ones were disproven.

I also liked that comment about me being brainwashed by deductive reasoning which resulted from... gasp... my education. The old Konservative "I am proud to be dumb and uninformed and I plan on keeping it that way because I'm a *real* American" routine. Lol.

I enjoy having you here Mike. You, my friend, *are* the comedy you can't see!

2personal4u said...

Yea, shooting at barn doors again, huh? A month ago you claimed I was a closet homo, but now I'm supposedly some kind of a homophobe due to a remark you claim I made years ago which you cannot prove. As usual, you want it both ways, ergo global cooling and global warming meaning the same thing. OK fine. You call me names and drag me through all your mud, and then get all indignant about ME getting "personal."