Sunday, June 01, 2008

Rush "Baghdad Bob" Limbaugh

I've gone through and listed some of the BaghdadBobisms belched by comedian Thrush Limblow in his response to the McClellan contraversy. There's just not enough space to cover all of it. You can see the transcript here.
"Well, another day, another Republican turncoat. We have more so-called conservatives and Republicans abandoning the cause, seeking approval from the left. It just seems to be an endless tide."

["The right" is more important than the truth. Everyone has gone insane, but Rush, who singlehandedly holds the truth]

"The oil price continues to fall today." [LMAO]

"[The McClellan book] Sounds like a liberal blogger. It really does. Somebody got hold of him. "
[as if just saying so makes it true]

"The liberals and the Democrats are out trying to destroy this administration"
[and now that limblow calls even the republicans "liberals", he is telling the truth- *everyone* is calling this administration out]

"I've gone and checked out the Democrat blogs today, you know what? They're not particularly worked up about it because this is not new stuff. "We've known this since 2000. We don't care about this. You guys are just figuring this out. We've known this all along,"
[mmmmhhm. And even when Bush's own minister of public propaganda recants, it isn't enough to change your mind. It's only a motivation to develop several possible conspiracy theories to add to your list of ways to combat obvious realities]

"My memory, folks, is that McClellan was a little doughboy standing up there."
[thats not what you said then. But since he is a doughboy, I guess we can ignore what he said and just name call. Seems to be your favorite tactic when reality hits you over the head]

"There's another theory going around about Scott McClellan, and this is by Lee Cary from the American Thinker; "Scott McClellan's book is making big waves in the last election for Texas governor. ..."
[Ahhh, so THAT explains it. He writes a book breaking ties with his party and cohorts of decades condemning himself as a complicit propagandist in order to influence the Texas governor election. Good one Baghdad. Just throw enough shit against the wall and hope something sticks. This is not just a "theory", it is a *conspiracy* theory, and a laughable one at that]

Then Limblow strings several sentences together that are almost entirely true. Not just true, but great observations to boot. Here is Limblow kneeling on his stumped knees as the Black Knight, observing honestly his hacked off appendages, and spinning reality 180 degrees to the one conclusion about the situation which is the most unreasonable one possible:

" What liberals do, they search out people like McClellan so they can trash Republicans and conservatives [true, but they don't have to try very hard]. I mean, look at John Dean. John Dean, now a huge star on what, MSNBC? David Gergen. David Rodham Gergen used to be a fairly conservative Republican, roots back to Reagan. Now look at him. He's up there at the Kennedy School and he's on CNN, and his purpose is to bash Republicans because they, the Republicans, they went too far right, or they went too far south, or they got too extreme or whatever. And all these reasonable wise men decided that they could no longer be part of where the Republican Party was going. Richard Armitage, Colin Powell.....These people, now they're treated like liberal elites because they see the light. "

Now for perspective, back to Limbaughs opening statement as he stands limbless:

"Well, another day, another Republican turncoat. We have more so-called conservatives and Republicans abandoning the cause, seeking approval from the left. It just seems to be an endless tide. "

[When you are forced to define "the left" as virtually everyone in U.S. politics, it's time to drop back and punt or devise a new scheme. Limblow will never do that and this is why he sounds like he's about to have a nervous breakdown. The writing is on the wall. His days are numbered and he sees it. America has outgrown his brand of reactionary pornographic hyperpartisan politics, and nothing is better at showing how "irrelevent" and destructive to the discourse he is than his reaction to McClellan.]

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