Saturday, July 26, 2008

Obama better than Bill Clinton at Politicking?

I have to admit, Obama's transparent wooing of the public through a varity of schemes has made my skin crawl lately. It is impossible to win an election competition without employing these schemes, but each election year you will hear each side point fingers and complain about the cheesy strategies of their opponent, as if they thought a person could just stand around and twiddle his thumbs for 5 months and hope to win an election while his opponent is out gluing his lips to every available asscheek of every ethnic group, religion or societal creed in existence.

Obama is doing a *brilliant* job of schmoozing. He has made the key winning display of political understanding- never *ever* underestimate the abject shallowness of the American voter. As they say, (KISSfknobc) "Keep It Simple Stupid... Fucking Know Nothing Obese Bipedal Consumers".

His latest display of pure brilliance was putting a yamikah on his head and writing a prayer for the wailing wall, then setting it up intentionally so someone would pull it out and read it to the public to show how religious he is and how much he loves Jesus-uh in an attempt to get some of the James Dobson lunatics to stay away from the polls in November. Niceeeee. Obama loves his Jayz-us-uh, yippee!

I predicted Obama would be our next president long ago even though I had no idea what he believed at the time. I just knew that everyone would find a reason to like him based on his rock star qualities. I have watched elections in the past and I know it boils down to a look, a pose, a vocal inflection, a posture. He has already passed the toughest challenge he'll face by beating Hillary.

Now Obama will get his hands dirty in politics. Not that he hasn't before, he is no rookie. He has tainted himself by perfecting the study of the skin deep, better known as "the political campaign". And he will win.


upinVermont said...

There's a great editorial by Richard Reeves on the subject of Obama. He writes of a friend:

"I got a mass e-mail from the Obama campaign today, thanking me for my support and offering to sell me, for $5, a chance to be backstage with him briefly before or during his acceptance speech. Instead of buying a ticket, I unsubscribed from the list. In the box asking for the reason for unsubscribing, I wrote, 'Tergiversation.' Not a word one gets to use every day."

He then goes on to define Tergiversation:

"My erudite friend kindly sent me the Webster definition. It's a noun dating back to at least 1570 that means, "1: evasion of straightforward action or clear-cut statement : equivocation 2: desertion of a cause, position, party, or faith."

And there it is, in a nutshell. The reason I have come to distrust Obama - tergiversation. Obama's Talmudic utterances & pledges are so equivocal as to be utterly unreliable. He is a master tergiversator.

You can check out the original article here.

Clinton, as I remember him, was at least genuine in his intentions. I don't get that same feeling from Obama. I find him disingenuous, more comparable to a master poker player. He's unreadable.

Googlegold said...

Ass-Kissing as the most vital politicking strategy is not the fault of polticians.

It is the most vital need of the people,everyone,you and me!

Without their asses getting kissed people are sure to die of desperation of being (or feeling)unimportant and unwanted.
BTW,your nihilism is entertaining!(AKed,ok)