Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Is this for real?

Oliver Stone is coming out with a movie on Bush. Apparently the recent bar fight involving Bush portrayer Josh Brolin that made the news, may have been over politics.

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upinVermont said...

This is the first I've seen of this. Looks like it's going to be a twisted version of Forest Gump? The preview keeps its cards close at hand - we don't really know whether the movie is satirical, an encomium, disparaging, etc...

I did some googling. This preview is said to be a "leaked" or "bootleged" copy. Kinda' doubt both claims.

If it's Oliver Stone, I suspect that the movie will skewer Bush like a squealing shoat. One blogger, who claims to have read a purloined script, states that Bush's idiocy is played up - mainly through his ridiculous & self-mangled comments.