Sunday, November 16, 2008

James Dobson defends the stoning of children

This is absolutely hysterical. James Dobson is playing a tape of a two year old Obama speech and critiquing his supposed misunderstanding of the bible. The speech amazed me, because Obama sounds word for word like Christopher Hitchens starting at about minute 5 (talking about the absurdity of the laws in Leviticus.) Obama then states that the sermon on the mount is so radical a teaching that the defense department wouldn't withstand its application. James Dobson starts accusing Obama of equating him with Al Sharpton (which he never did, he actually contrasted the two as opposite ends of a religious spectrum as you will hear). Then Dobson and his other commentator go into a stunning defense of the stoning of the children of bad parents!

The great thing about Dobson is that he is one of the few religious leaders who makes it perfectly clear that he *actually* believes this shit. Literally. None of the cowards who have debated Harris or Hitchens had the balls to admit they defend the stoning of children as long as God said it was cool. 

Mad props to James Dobson. I'm just glad he wasn't born Muslim, he'd be a suicide bomber for sure. 


Anonymous said...

I wonder when, precisely, Reverend Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson is scheduled for extermination, not to mention Jimmy Dobson.

At all events, everyone will profit by reading this:


i.m. small said...


If such people, as those who wanted war
Against Iraq, are Christian, I am not.
Such acts have driven more from the church door
Than proselytizing which belies such rot.


Anonymous said...

I found this NYTimes article very interesting:

upinVermont said...

Hey Aaron,

I couldn't make sense of their conversation surrounding stoning. Did Dobson really defend the stoning of children? - or was he drawing an, to me, arcane contrast between new and old testament stoning rituals, or some such thing. When these people start talking Bible-ese, they might as well be speaking a bastardization of pig-latin.

Aaron said...

Right before the 7 minute mark, Dobson's partner says the stoning of a "belligerent drunkards son" as if somehow the fact that the father was belligerent and a drunkard justifies the stoning. As if this were a key phrase Obama omitted to mislead people into thinking the stoning wasn't justified. Then he says that this was an era of gods purification for israel-thus the rules were reasonable. The tone is clearly one of complete incapability of considering that the religious conviction is untrue. The tone is -"can't you idiots see that these rules which seem barbaric to us today were all part of god's perfect plan for israel's purification etc...". Then Dobson signs the insane statement at the bottom line, remarking in astonishment that Obama was equating old and new testament rules, as if stoning is justified because it was part of what they call "the old covenent". The rules are insane, but if Almighty Gawwd says it then it is perfect.

upinVermont said...

Got it.

They used some "christian in-group-speak" discussing this stuff, but listening to it again, the message is just as you portray it.

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) they seem to be implying that there is no fundamental morality. Morality is only what god defines it to be. Therefore, if god chose to drown all life during Noah's flood (a holocaust if there ever was one), then it was moral because god did it. That is, whatever god does, is moral, not matter what.

And that's kinda' scary. 'Cause if you think you're acting on god's behalf, then everything you do is moral.

Anonymous said...

James Dobson should be tied to some railroad tracks.......... I'll help, if I can watch ther train smear him.

Anonymous said...

Why are all the Krixstains the worst people on the Planet? James Dobson should have a huge cross jammed up his ass. I love to help a mob do that!!!!