Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Peter Schiff-Laughed at for years by conservatives

This is a treat. I wish people would make more of these sorts of time capsule videos to show how unearthly inaccurate these idiots almost always are. No matter how wrong they are they continue to demonize the people who were spot on. That's why youtube is such a great invention. They can't get away with relying on people's short term memory. They also can't get away with saying "nobody saw it coming" when many have seen it for years. What is particularly funny is how Benjamin Stein dominates the videos, particularly his recommendation of Bear Sterns and Merryl Lynch stocks. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!


upinVermont said...

Unbelievable. I got around to watching this video and I just wanted to put my fist in a lot of mouths, especially that laughing bobble-head - Mike Norman. What a twat. If I had his E-Mail address I would send him this video everyday for the rest of his idiotic life. I knew people like that in college. They were the frat boys, the glad-handers, the red-faced, slick-hair guys that would take their girlfriends out to dance, then screw whatever girl showed up after the dance (literally, I watched it happen).

And the women loved them.

And ya' know what, these guys aren't going to be touched by the recession. It's just people like you and me.

Aaron said...

Who is your avatar?

upinVermont said...

Hey A.,

The Avatar is a modern portrait of J.S. Bach. It's called Contrapunctus XIV, by Pascal Mohlmann. You can find some info here. It first appeared more widely on a CD of the Art of the Fugue by the Calefax Reed Quintet.

I was born loving Bach & his music. Literally.

Aaron said...

Me too. I was into Bach first time I heard it. Not so with Mozart.

Anonymous said...


I know that you will find this utterly charming and that you'll refer to it often. Try not to have an orgasm while reading it:


As you know, I strenuously disapprove of your beliefs, writings, movements, desires, intentions, plans, and other activities. All are carefully construed to pander to your hedonism and utter lack of care about other human beings.

If evolution is an evil process, it really hit its stride when it designed you!


Anonymous said...


Aaron said...

That is ancient material Steve.

Anonymous said...

It was revised this year, Aaron. Needless to say, it is as false now as it was in 2003. Sue Blackmore is a mean-spirited psychotic witch, and I may have mistyped that last word before the comma.

We must, however, admit that NDE'rs have been known to hallucinate events that they say occurred but others who were there deny. Didn't you tell me that Robert Monroe saw a candle that was blown out, but when he regained consciousness and checked, it was still lit?

Whatever is happening, at the very least, we know enough to dismiss Pat's pretend NDE-like experience as an out-and-out deception, but even if it were not, we would be compelled to dismiss it as an hallucination.

Unfortunately, no matter what we do, there does not appear to be any way that we can figure out what, if anything, the NDE means, although Sam Parnia's study, if it ever actually happens and produces results, will be telling. Already, I suspect that he is preparing a defense to explain away the possible finding that no one sees anything from above. You *know* that no one will give up with the failure of just one study.

The "antis" will have a field day, however. I'm sure that you'll be leading the parade.

Have a good night, Aaron. Say hello to Vishnu for me.

Anonymous said...


I really think that you should convert to Mormonism and write a series of gay vampire romance novels. You truly do have the talent to become the male (or rather, second female) Stephenie Meyer, Mormon housewife turned no. 1 New York Times bestselling author and millionairess.

This, to be sure, pleases the Church with regard to tithing income, especially in these drastically apocalyptic economic times.

Now, then. I am finally prepared to concede that we are our brains.