Monday, August 21, 2006

Conglomeration of Stuff

Unbelievable, they are finally letting me post pictures again, cool. I had several things in line to write about, but I had to email the techs and get this thing straightened out.

To the left is my new dating sight profile, think it'll get me laid?

My girlfriend turned friend is now a member of a dating website, and she wants me to write a referral for her!!! Can you $%^ing believe that??? But she may help to get me another hottie by writing a referral for me. Unfortunately I think I peaked with this gal. It is true we are not suited for each other for a long term thing, but shit, I'm not suited to *anyone* for a long term thing. I think that was the closest I can get. I still find it hard to believe I did so well, but the rejection is doubly frustrating. I will post her pic here as soon as she puts one up on her dating site.

We have a new addition to this whirling ball of cosmic insanity straight from the loins of Mr. K. Congratulations and welcome little Elias, may you not have to spend your entire twenties wondering what good sex must feel like.

Oh, and we still don't know whether he is cut or uncut. No matter, lets let the contraversy rest.

Okay, so today I came up with an idea that could literally get someone rich- someone who knows how to market and patent that is. In the continual arms race between Jesus fish and Darwin fish bumper stickers, I have added the angler fish. Picture him eating the little Jesus fish. And the caption will say "Un-intelligent Design".

I can't think of a better way to display the complete and utter amorality and senselessness of evolution than a swimming jaw that evolved a fucking lure hanging out it's nose.

But you know what, I may have thought of a more clever idea, and that is to merely get an image of the angler fish with IXOYE inscribed into it's side to portray the dark side of Christianity. The lure hanging out the face is metaphoric of the trap of fundamentalism. But how many people will even know that the angler fish has a phosphorescent lure in front of it's face?

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Elias said...

Thanks man. Can't wait to meet you.