Sunday, August 06, 2006

Modern Conservatism

Sankara Saranam

[Conservatives are cautious and careful. They look at the data closely, weigh their actions carefully and look before they leap.]

“The word “conservatism” today stands for fear, centralized authoritarianism, dogmatism, an unscientific theological worldview which just means to me a worldview that has nothing actually to do with this world. It is centered in blind belief, faith in the existence of some dark age tribal war god and the irrational denial of the existence of the other thousand gods invented by the various human cultures of the past. Ironically, if conservatism went in the direction it was meant to go, no conservative would be a Christian because the scientific evidence does not support Christianity, the beliefs it espouses or the policies it wants to put in place based upon it’s dogmas.”

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VTPOET said...

Hey A.,

Where did the first quote come from? Is that for real?

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