Saturday, October 21, 2006

Today's Moment of Zen

Steve jovanovich: Are you planning on sleeping?
Aaron James: no
Aaron James: r u?
Steve jovanovich: That picture of you as a child is quite awful.
Steve jovanovich: You looked fat then, and you're certainly fat now.
Steve jovanovich: (And getting fatter.)
Steve jovanovich: Aaron, are you ever planning on doing anything productive with your life, or are you simply going to attack random people for no defensible reason except out of spite for life?
Steve jovanovich: Why, exactly, are you so mean?


VTPOET said...

Does Steve know about this site?

Or are you now devoting your fat & miserable life to attacking Steve?

Aaron said...

He knows. To put it into context, Steve instant messaged me out of the blue as he often does, insulting me with no prompting whatsoever. Most of it is joking, but it always amazes me that he does not catch his duplicity or make any mental note of it whatsoever. This instance was so funny I had to share it. by the way, I am 6' 2" 177 lbs. Steve is built like a frail bird. He looks strikingly like the guy who claimed to have killed jon binet ramsey. He is paranoid by his miniscule abdominal fat and the thought of growing old and dying.

Anonymous said...


May the Father bless you with His divine (back)hand. :-)


Frail Bird