Saturday, January 27, 2007

Blasphemy "Debate"

You never really know what to make of this man, love him, hate him, or like me- love some of him and scratch my head at other parts of him. Christopher Hitchens is just as verbally ascerbic as the scowl he portrays in this picture. One thing is clear, he has a razor sharp intellect and broad scope of knowledge.
I found this audio to be absolutely fascinating. To listen to audience members trade turns telling Hitchens to "fuck off" reminds me of the Daily show episode where Hitchens told the audience to fuck off. The difference between the UK and America shines in this audio. Richard Dawkins is gentle and sweet compared to what these folks have to say about religion and the force with which they weild their ideas. You would never hear anything like this in the states. Anyone talking religion or politics with such language would be denied all political clout.
Europe and America are like two lovers who have been married for a time and one matures and grows out of the other but doesn't want to get a divorce because the immature other is the primary bread winner.


Dreamy said...
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Dreamy said...

You need to move here, you love us Brits, x

Aaron said...

Hey Dany, yes, if everyone there is as hot as you are I may well move there.

upinVermont said...


Isn't she enough?