Saturday, January 20, 2007


Only a Zen master could write the following:

The Courage to Question
"Spiritual seekers are some of the most superstitious people on the planet. Most people come to spiritual teachers and teachings with a host of hidden beliefs, ideas, and assumptions that they unconsciously seek to be confirmed. And if they are willing to question these beliefs they almost always replace the old concepts with new more spiritual ones thinking that these new concepts are far more real than the old ones."

Hahaha, a complete debunking of every popular spiritual teacher. Now, if only zen masters learned something about neuroscience and biology they could be great atheist scientists.

Adyashanti (above) wrote that. Funny thing is, if you take all of the bullshit out of spirituality and religion, there's literally nothing left-


Adyashanti debunking humanity

"There's no solution in your born nature, only adaptation"

"Your body and mind is nothing but conditioning. If conditioning drops out of your body and mind we call it death"

Shit, he's just Dawkins without the education.

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