Monday, January 08, 2007

Demerol & Xanax

This NDE, in its original, can be read here. The individual who had this NDE was a registered Nurse who suffered a heart attack in 1994. This has to be one of the most succinct NDEs I have ever read. It is blunt to the point of humor. The doctor's reaction is classic. So... where does this leave us? Xanax. In a word... Xanax.

I was losing my consciousness and I was completely aware of it. But I was not afraid. I thought, "So this is what it is like to die. This isn't that bad!"

Then I felt a great, loving warmth, an intensely bright light, and a presence. Telepathically, I heard the presence say, "Well Cheryl, what do you think now?"

I knew exactly what the question meant. It was a reference to neglect of my spirituality.

My years of practice in ED and med/surg had made me cynical, made me lose faith in God. I just could not understand why good people had to die such untimely or horrible deaths, or suffer needless trauma at someone else's hands. My inability to reconcile my faith with the horrors I saw made me leave hands on nursing for utilization review. But when that presence spoke, I immediately came to a realization. It wasn't that God deserts us in our time of need. Rather, he is there for us when we die; we are not alone.

With this new understanding I begged to go back to my life on earth. And the presence agreed.

I remember waking up so joyful. I couldn't wait to tell others what I had learned. But I couldn't share my experience with anyone right away - not even the nurse who had remained by my side throughout the ordeal. When I finally did tell her, two days later, she was so positive and supportive I felt relieved. But when I told my doctor he dismissed me and my story. He said the whole experience was caused by Demerol, and wrote me a new order for Xanax.

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Aaron said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Maybe he meant the heart attack was caused by a side effect, otherwise, what an ignorant doctor. But it's not uncommon. I know doctors who know next to absolutely nothing about NDEs, and what they do know about them is wrong.

And just look at the lashing Sam Harris gets from atheists who are angry that he has an interest in paranormal research and, heavens forbid, meditation. Sam Harris has much in common with Ken Wilber, except Wilber is inclined to simply believe things that are stupid to believe in. If you don't believe me, just look up Michael Murphy's book - "future of the body" which Wilber wholly endorses, and you will see a large pile of fluff and dung.

Its like politics, the ideologues reject good ideas just because they come from the other guys.