Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Andrew Wimpers Further

I read two responses today from gay men defending beliefs in spirituality. One was from Andrew Sullivan, which was must read, an incredible admission in my estimation. This is really a fascinating response to Sam Harris-
"Dear Sam

First off, sorry for the dropped ball. Two reasons: mounds of other work and, if I were being completely honest, a bit of a block. I don't want to go around in circles, so I spent some time re-reading our
entire exchange and trying to figure out what the core questions are that I haven't adequately addressed. I also found myself a little embarrassed in retrospect by the forthrightness of my claims to faith. I feel an unworthy apologist for Christianity in many ways. I'm not a trained theologian nor a priest nor even someone who thinks of himself as a good Christian. The Pope believes I live in mortal sin because I love and live with another man. But I remain a believer in Jesus and in the Gospels and in the church, and I agreed to start this, so I'd better continue. So here goes."
The other was from a friend of mine who wrote eloquently and pursuasively:
"We simply must survive death! I really must insist. It would simply be unpardonable for us not to, not to mention unconscionable. I am inimically opposed to any ideas opposing survival."
What a profound coincidence. Two messages from two different gay men in the same day saying the same exact thing! What are the odds???

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