Monday, March 19, 2007

Attack on America

A group of far left liberals, otherwise known as "scientists"...


upinVermont said...

This is no laughing matter.

This is exactly the way the fundamentalists see it. Science is the very essence of amorality, Richard Carrier's efforts notwithstanding.

There can be no such thing as morality without God. Therefore, since science is definitionally (it seems) atheistic, it is definitionally immoral, or amoral at best.

Aaron said...

Yes, and as Richard Carrier points out, this argument that morality requires a belief in God is simply "counterfactual". It is easily factually demonstrated that this is not true, unless one is to discount the entirety of the biological and social sciences (which seems to be the trademark stance of religious conservatism). Yet nothing seems to daunt the true believer, not even easily demonstrated facts.