Saturday, March 31, 2007

Elizabeth Claire Prophet

My fascination with cults is endless. A teacher I had in highschool once broke down in the middle of class and starting speaking in prophecy about the end of the world. Within a month she had quit class and left to live in the bomb shelters of Elizabeth Claire Prophet's cult in Montana. I always wondered who this Prophet woman was, as I saw her books all the time in bookstores. Prophet eventually got Alzheimer's and died. None of her children currently believe what they were brought up in. Sean Prophet, once vice president of the organization is now an unabashed atheist with an extraordinary blog. The initial letter on this page is fascinating.
This link will allow you to hear one of the strangest things ever to cross your ears- guaranteed. The first is Elizabeth Prophet, the second is 23 year old Sean Prophet.
The story of Elizabeth Claire Prophet is one of the most illustrative cult stories I've come across. Sean learned what I did. Took me 3 or 4 years, took him a life. Imagine what it's like to be him.


BlackSun said...

Hi Aaron, ran across your post. Thanks for the props on the blog!

Yes it has been a long strange trip. But I'd rather be looking back at that weirdness than still in it.

BTW, the second voice on your link is not me--but I could have been guilty of making many such "invocations." Such is the nature of faith, no?

Keep up the good work, I'll add you to my blogroll.

Aaron said...

Hi Sean, and thanks. I was once wrapped up in various new age cults and ultimately found that the realities don't match the claims and expectations. I think there's something people like us know that is impossible to explain to people who haven't experienced coming out on the other side intact. And sorry for assuming the other voice was you.

Carolyn said...

Wow. Nice to know that you don't have your facts straight and criticize something you don't understand.

First of all, Elizabeth Claire Prophet is still alive.

Second, just because people don't believe in something that you think is normal doesn't make them wrong. Some people believe in Allah, some people believe in Krishna, some people believe in Jesus. Who are we to judge?

Oh and by the way, the US government labels Elizabeth Claire Prophet's teachings a "religion" and not a "cult."