Saturday, July 28, 2007

Reporter Loses Faith Covering Religion

From NPR
Day to Day, July 25, 2007 · Los Angeles Times religion reporter William Lobdell was an evangelical Christian when he took the job, and during his time on the beat he almost converted to Catholicism.
But he says after covering religion for eight years, he has lost faith in Christianity and left the religion beat. Lobdell talks with Alex Cohen.
This story is really worth listening to. But the written article, which incidentally made the first page of the L.A. Times, is extraordinary and worth the read.
After covering scandals of the various factions of Christianity, Lobdell comes to the conclusion that religion does not represent anything supernatural. What makes the story so powerful is that Lobdell had a classic born again conversion experience into Christianity and took the job reporting on religion with hopes to proselytize his faith.


Anonymous said...

secular humanism good-religion bad
How could I miss this gem of wisdom? Still looking for a secular culture or country which has attained any success in this world}:-

Aaron said...

You won't find it by looking into the past.