Monday, July 23, 2007

Time Left - Tammy Faye Bakker On Larry King Live 7-19-07

The White Father hath blessed once again. R.I.P. Tammy Faye-Cosmic Joke.


Anonymous said...

hi aaron.
damn dude, can't you leave ol tfb alone. sure she was cartoonish but she was an advocate for aids awareness before it was fashionable.

anyway, you requested my info.
email me lego_las@hotmail

Aaron said...

I felt very very sorry for Tammy Faye actually.

Anonymous said...

geez Erron. I wonder if people will say such nice things about you when YOU die! It amazes me how much hatred exists in the left for people they know little or nothing about. Who needs information anyway when they have emotion as a substitute? Ha!

Aaron said...

Still hung up on this left versus right bullshit eh Mike?

Anonymous said...

I guess I am, yea, along with a few hundred million other people on the planet, especially if it means any concepts you disagree with is "bullshit." Doesn't matter what side you're on, or if you com-letely dismiss political polarization as a nonexistent machination created by spin doctors, one need not even read between the lines of your ongoing rhetoric: hate is hate.
What you said of Tammy Faye is hate
speech, regardless of how many ha-ha's are inferred. If hate is all you can express with your progressive secular insight, then what redeeming quality does it offer the human condition?

Actually, I felt Tammy was rather a comedic-pathetic character who didn't deserve what happened to her, yet all I really know about her for sure is that she is definitely out of the shithole.

but the Tammy Faye T-shirts with the huge make-up smears w/caption
"I ran into Tammy Faye at the Beach"........ THAT was funny}:-

Aaron said...

Wow. I have always been fascinated with the obsession with the word "hate" that the Limbaughs and the Hannities dispense copiously on their opposition. It's a great buzzword for demonizing people with condemning finality.

I wrote:

"Tammy Faye- cosmic joke"

Which is indeed denigrating. But does it suggest hatred in any way?

You wrote:

"Actually, I felt Tammy was rather a comedic-pathetic character.."

Unless I've completely lost my ability to speak English, I'd guess that both of these statements were equally innocuous compared to the word "hate". Why would anyone come up with the word "hate" as a descriptor for either of these characterizations?

Answer: it's called a "straw man" tactic. And you've always been really good at it. You simply give a person an extreme position that they don't have, and then you condemn it. Then you follow up with "see how these people are ruining the world". Good work. You'd make a good talk show host.