Friday, April 11, 2008

Liberal Conspiracy at San Diego Aquarium

I just returned from San Diego, a treacherously lovely city in April.

However, I find I must alert all Republicans, conservative think tanks, and Steven Colbert to the alarming activity of the San Diego Aquarium during an election year. Much to my shock and dismay, the so-called "Aquarium" has, as its main attraction, an extended display on so-called "Global Warming". By "global", I assume they must mean the whole planet, which is absurd because everybody knows it's never warm in the South Pole. As proof of this liberal conspiracy, I was able to smuggle my camera into the museum. Too all conservatives, a warning, you will find the content of the following images deeply disturbing. Caution is advised.

In the picture above, the graph clearly displays a liberal bias, notice the use of the PAST or (as it is called by liberals) "history". Clearly this is a thinly veiled critique of the Iraq War and the liberal obsession with the causes of the war and "accountability". Rather than focus on the future, the liberals continue to dwell on the PAST. The absence of alternative theories, again, betrays the liberal bias of co-called "science". Liberals only know what they are against.

The third and fourth pictures clearly illustrate the common Liberal conspiracy theory that so called "big business" or "industry" is the cause of atmospheric warming, ignoring sunspots, volcanoes and pigs. Notice the flat screen television meant to imply technological sophistication.

The picture at left is a favorite technique of Liberals - the "before and after" pictures. Of course, Liberals don't show the BEFORE the "before and after" pictures, when there were jungles in the Antarctica. Tens of millions of years ago, the Antarctic was a near tropical zone. Evidence that the "globe" is significantly cooler since then is conveniently ignored: such as snow, such as ice, and such as penguins.

My eldest daughter being programmed by a liberal conspiracist. Knowing that children are drawn to TVs instead of fish, the "Aquarium" uses these high tech devices to reprogram our children. Is it a coincidence that this display is being shown during an election year? I think not.

The final picture is an illustration of the Liberal Conspiracists attempt to fool parents into thinking that the highly disturbing content of the so-called "Global Warming" display will be forgotten. The children innocently color in an Octopus at the end of the program. It's not even a real Octopus, like it would be if it were a real Aquarium.


Aaron said...

Oh God, the liberals are once again brainwashing children. And let me guess, they have displays on evolution too and don't even mention the alternative theory of young earth creationism. What good are sharp 6 inch T-rex teeth other than to tear into vegetation? The LORD thought of *everything*.

And let me guess, the government sponsers such lies to be put forth there. Whoever made those exhibits must have got their information from that liberal Wikipedia which has references to those crackpot organizations such as the American Geophysical Union and the National Academy of Sciences and all their fancy dancy elitist liberal Nobel prize laureates. Any idea that doesn't pass a strict peer review doesn't get published so us global warming denialists are *constantly* getting blackballed. It's just total liberal bias!

Doesn't everyone know that the warmest year in America was 1937? So obviously, even if "global" warming involves the whole planet and not just the motherland, why should any cocksure patriot care less?

Adamgv said...

This is an interesting conspiracy. Many people should know about this. We all know that freemasons basically run everything from drugs, to oil, to military. Maybe one day the new world order will be exposed for what it really is.

upinVermont said...

The brainwashing Liberal conspiracy to force evolution on my children began, invidiously, in the entry arcade. Hanging from the ceiling was a so called "megalodon" jaw.

I would have taken a picture but the museum guard was a woman and drinking a Latte - definitely Liberal.

The megalodon, Liberal "scientists" claim, was in the ocean 1,000,000 years ago. Since the earth is only 7,000 years old, they are wrong and the jaw is a subversive attempt to teach "Darwin".

Aaron said...

I am so blessed. The LORD teaches me something new every day! I didn't know there was underwater vegetation for the magaladon to eat with those huge jaws! I suppose thats how they survived during the great flood. Our God is an awesome God!

upinVermont said...

By the way, the first two pictures show CO2 concentrations at the end of each ice age, each being roughly 10,000 years apart. The little white arrows show the end of each ice age. Of course, they failed to graph pig populations. If they had, maybe they would have been smart enough to show that the number of pigs on the planet correlates neatly with increasing CO2 concentrations in the "global" atmosphere.

upinVermont said...

//suppose thats how they survived during the great flood. Our God is an awesome God!//

Praise God for Noah, for the Megalodon could not have survived the great flood if not for his arc; nor the fishes of the sea for they would have drowned. Verily, I say unto you. Verily.

Aaron said...

Yes, and don't they know that global warming is just a natural cycle!?! Ice ages and warmings have happened numerous times in earth's history. We are merely coming out of the last ice age. Oh wait, I'm not supposed to believe the earth is that old..... okay , then take me for an adolescent earth anyways, don't all these elitist liberal scentists realize that we are coming out of an ice age? Of COURSE the earth is warming! If it took 10,000 years to warm 0.4 C, then who cares if it warmed 0.4C in the last 100. Thats what happens when you come out of an ice age. In another 10,000 years at this rate the temperature will be a perfect 40 C higher than it is now and we'll all have beach front property.

Checkmate, liberals!

Carl said...

This is so typical to use anecdotal information to try and convince others of their skewed view and then use bullying tactics when others disagree.

I have been in aquarium research and systems design for close to 30 years and can categorically dispute one major claim of the Global Warming crowd and that is the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. C02 is just .0004 of the Earths atmosphere and even doubling this would make little difference.
I can state quite factually (this is an area of my research and experience) that from my use of injected CO2 in Aquariums, I have added levels of CO2 to .0035 which is 8 times the atmospheric rate and the plants grow MUCH faster provided nutrients and light is available (which can be in short supply in an aquarium), however in the case of terrestrial plants this is not the case, especially as to light in the optimum PAR needed for plants.
See my article: Aquarium Plants; CO2, lighting, chemistry and more

Carl of:
Aquarium Answers
Aquarium (& Pond) Information

Aaron said...

And your point is?

upinVermont said...

//This is so typical to use anecdotal information to try and convince others of their skewed view//

OK... but isn't that what you're doing?

You write:

//I can state quite factually (this is an area of my research and experience) that from my use of injected CO2 in Aquariums//

And from this anecdotal, albeit factual, "experiment" you extrapolate that the research of the whole field, of hundreds of other individuals with greater expertise in the field than yours, must be wrong?

That takes some chutzpah.

Lastly, the percentage of a substance in any given system is hardly an indicator of its effect on the system. I doubt you would give your children Mercury to play with, even if it were only .0004 of their total weight. In fact, that amount would be lethal.

oceanchaos said...

Oh no, they got Carl too! Please Carl, and all readers of this blog: reality has a well-known liberal bias! Don't do experiments! At first it may be exciting to see all the evidence of an intelligent designer, but eventually you'll start realizing less and less needed designing, and pretty soon you'll be focusing on the moral and personally spiritual teachings of Jesus, rather than His well documented hatred for Philistines (probably the liberals of his day).

In case anybody is curious, Carl's right. Photosynthesis takes 6 CO2 and 6 H2O and makes C6H12O6 (glucose) and 6O2 (for which we are all very grateful). If you dump a lot of CO2 into the system, you get a lot more sugar and oxygen out. On the scale of an aquarium experiment, the system keeps itself in check. On the global scale though, this doesn't happen because 1) there are limits to how much more plant matter can live on earth (certainly not double as would be required by freeing all the carbon dioxide in rocks) 2) every carbon turned into sugar eventually gets turned back into CO2 when the plant dies or an animal eats it and breathes out and 3) for the next few years there will be fewer forests due to climate change and people cutting them down.

senka said...

...and just because you have lots more sugar and oxygen doesn't mean you have no CO2 or water; it just means you have a new system with higher concentrations of all four. Since our air is 21% O2 and C02 was .032% now almost .04%, moving even slighlty closer to 10% of each is a BAD idea.