Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Work is Done

I swear this guy really should be getting paid for making these videos. I just wish I knew how to make somethng like this, but I wouldn't have the time to do it even if I could.

I checked Rotten Tomatoes. The film really did get a 9% positive review. The comments are absolutely scathing, take a look. So either 91% of reviewers have an anti-religious bias, or the film is absolutely terrible.


upinVermont said...

Ok, I wrecked myself skateboarding today. There's some satisfaction this time. I did it skateboarding. I jammed my shoulder into some concrete. Not sure what I did but it hurts like hell. The ligament or tendon in charge of simply lifting my arm is all but out of commission.

My ankle is OK though....

Now, onto the subject at hand. It amazes me how Ben Stein has gotten so much lip service from the media. The media, in general, has abdicated its role as truth-getters. They think, somehow, that their job is to merely 'report' the day's events and to give the day's celebrities, aka Ben Stein, a soapbox & little more. They call this fair and balanced. The media's job is *not* to be fair and balanced. It never was.

Beethoven wasn't one of the greatest composers who ever lived because he was fair and balanced. Great journalism is an art form, like anything that attains greatness.

We live in an age of mediocrity.

Aaron said...

The media is terrified of being labelled as "biased". So they go out of their way to give voice to popular yet antiscientific and evidenceless opinions like Stein's.

The debate is almost entirely one between those who know what they are talking about and those who don't. Those who do are labelled as "dogmatic" and "elitist" scientists because they have such strong reasons for believing their opinion and they will never budge.

The cultural right will stop at nothing, including lying for Jesus, in order to protect their fantasies. They see their sheltered little cacoon crumbling away little by little, year after year and they know their days are numbered. At the present rate, Christianity will be fully merged as just another form of new ageism by the end of this century. With more information available on the internet people learn more and find it harder and harder to take Christian religion seriously. They water it down more and more until there's really nothing left of it.

This is all good, but I can't see anything changing the mind of the creationists soon. The evidence against them is already totally overwhelming and further evidence will not make it more overwhelming. They simply choose not to see and you can tell by the nature of their arguments that they have never seriously considered the evidence.