Saturday, October 04, 2008

Post Debate Polls

Despite the absurd statements by lunatic spinners like Peggy Noonan that Sarah Palin "killed" or "did McCain a favor", today's polls show clear evidence otherwise. 2/3 of the opinion polling included in today's tracking numbers were taken after the debate and Obama has remained steady or possibly improved slightly with about a +7 average nationally. He still needs a double digit lead I think in order for us to be optimistic. The herd effect comes into play as watercooler office talk may provide Obama a slippery slope for societal acceptance as future president. Great news, talk of reverend Wright and William Ayers seems absurd at this point. Nobody cares. We had said that if they were still talking about this in October, Obama is screwed, but it gets no play outside of loony right wing radio land and Faux news. 

I recommend these articles highly by Glenn Greenwald at Salon. Some gems of common sense:

"What's happening in this country, and in this election, is rather simple and easy to see: (1) the country is in total shambles -- possibly far worse than what people even realize; (2) we have lived for the last eight years under virtually absolute GOP rule; (3) the public knows this; (4) the Republican President and his party are therefore intensely -- historically -- unpopular; and (5) the voting public doesn't want to continue living under the rule of the same faction and same political party that has driven the country into the ground. Having Sarah Palin drop her gerund endings and desperately trotting out the standard, tired GOP attack ads to depict Obama as a radical, fist-pumping, America-hating, unhinged socialist -- when everyone can see with their own eyes that he isn't -- won't change any of that."

"Ponder how stupid you must think Americans are to believe that you can blame the financial crisis on the 2004 statements of House Democrats about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac when that was a time when the GOP controlled all branches of the Government and nothing could have been more inconsequential than what Barney Frank or Maxine Waters, languishing in the minority in Tom DeLay's tyrannical House, said or did about anything."

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