Thursday, October 02, 2008

Were They Watching the Same Debate?

I just finished watching the vice presidential debate. I was laughing throughout, believing that Palin was destroyed. Utterly. No contest. I was laughing thinking to myself, "there is no way anyone watching this could possibly take her seriously." She clearly looked distressed, and clearly had far less experience. Biden spoke from the heart and effortlessly revealed his knowledge.

Imagine my astonishment post debate, watching NBC where the opinions seem to be that Palin did McCain a favor....

WTF?  Were they watching the same debate?!?!?!

They said she "held her own".

This is precisely what many expected would happen. The bar had been lowered so low for Palin that anything short of a total train wreck would be perceived as a victory.

Sexism at it's finest.

If the same exact debate had happened with the same exact words uttered, only with Rudy Giuliani (or any other male) at the podium, it would have been considered a victory for Biden. 

Just the act of avoiding total humiliation was apparently a victorious outcome for someone a heartbeat away from the presidency. Wow.

The spinning erupted immediately, with the nutcase Geralidine Ferraro telling Tom Brokaw that Palin's pussy was the source of her desire to root for the opposite team. The press valiantly strove for equality, for story, for an excuse to belch more and more meaningless ink to garner more and more drama to create more and more ratings. Like a baseball stadium owner hoping for the revenue of a drawn out seven game world series, the press anointed Sarah Palin victorious- The winner for not literally hyperventilating on stage. The proud victor for not walking off in humiliation. The clear and obvious black hole of experience crowned the shining glory of down-home American simpletonry.

Of course, this is coming from someone who thought John McCain did pretty well, and Obama looked tired. Only to find out that Obama got a boost from the first debate. 

Once again, I have absolutely no idea what the American citizenry is thinking or how they perceive reality. I do know that the press is like a Japanese baseball team- purposely striving for a tie. 

Supplemental- Well, looks like more undecided voters had a positive view of the dem ticket after the debate in preliminary polls. Maybe my reaction was skewed by the hysterical people interviewed at NBC who did not represent the typical undecided voter.  46% Biden won  21% Palin far. That's what I would expect based on what I saw. In fact I thought that Biden (except for a few fatigued ramblings towards the end) may have done better against McCain than Obama did. But I cannot imagine any unbiased person not seeing through Palin's sheer bullshit. 

Brokaw, Peggy Noonan, Ferraro... what in the HELL are you people smoking??!?!?


CS in New Jersey said...

You should have heard the WNYC's Brian Leher show this morning--they had writers from the Daily Show, SNL and the Onion interviewed about their takes on the debate. I wish I could have heard the whole show--all I know is the way it was to start off had something to do with Palin's ridiculous assumption that she was entitled to answer whatever questions she wanted to, even if they weren't asked. In my opinion, Palin came off like a well-polished, completely untrustworthy, fact-skewing used-car saleman. I, personally, was very impressed by Biden's restraint throughout the whole thing, and I think a lot of other people had to have picked up on that as well. Well, I must be going, I have a cocktail party in Georgetown that I simply must attend....

upinVermont said...

I don't even bother listening to the immediate post-debate analysis. Seriously. I listened to both debates on XM radio (CNN), then turned it off. CNN is especially insipid. The analysts are usually phenomenally wrong. Being policy wonks themselves, they are usually completely out of touch with what the average voter is picking up on. The Bush/Gore and Bush/Kerry debates were a case in point.

In terms of policy, Bush was trounced by the democrats in every debate. Bush was a policy half-wit. And that's how the media read it.

But what the rest of the populace saw was an alpha male and two effete intellectuals - read Pussies. Americans voted for the alpha male. Suprised? Read Drew Westen.

Besides the analysts, do we really want to hear what the spinmeisters of the respective campaigns have to say? Is this analysis? Is this news? No. It's sheer inanity. Like we don't already know what they're going to say.

I always wait to the next day - wait for the polls.

Aaron said...

Calling Bush an "alpha male" is sort of bizarre. He seems like a little punk to me. He's like an old frat boy. His body language expresses a continual sense of surprise, like a teenager getting a piece for the first time "gee I can't believing I'm actually doing this!, Im so proud of myself..hech hech!".