Saturday, March 18, 2006

Top 2 Pieces of Shit in American Media

For those of you in the UK, yes people listen to this shit and they get HUGE ratings.

2.) Michael Weiner, AKA Michael Savage- the self admitted egomaniacal puppet of insanity. This guy has actually read parts of the old testament on the air, screaming while describing god's wrath on his enemies during the Terry Schiavo case. This guy's persona and mentality have absolutely nothing to do with any sort of spiritual quality, yet he is fond of supporting the religious right, and denouncing people who don't believe in God as mentally ill communists. Savage can't seem to figure out who his enemy is. One minute, he is complaining about his political opposition being the heartless culture of death (ala the Terry Schiavo fiasco), comparing them to Nazi's and terrorists, and then the next minute he is complaining that the same exact people are too compassionate, forgiving, tolerant and pacifist to do whats needed to protect borders language and culture. Nevermind that he doesn't make any sense, it's all about emotion and anger. He has the most thorough call screeners in the business. Nobody with more than average intelligence is allowed to call in. Good points are refuted with screaming, commercial breaks, and the volume switch. There is no actual substance in his arguments, only ad hominem vitriole. His ratings are high for the same reason that the ratings of Jerry Springer are high. Why does he make #2? His fake religiosity is disgusting. If he was dying on the side of the road, I would not stop.

1) And the number one piece of utter human waste is none other than despicable shameless ass bag, Sean Hannity. Hannity is Limbaugh without the intelligence. This guy is a lying, scheming, dirty low-down waste of adenosine tri-phosphate. It is clear that the man has absolutely no interest in congruency. His world view (as we see time and again) is deeply carved out by the magical thinking brain virus of religious traditionalism. Hannity makes it clear straight faced that God put animals on the earth so humans had more to eat. Folks, this is the shit we are dealing with. If someone is this mentally fucked up and out of touch, imagine what happens when they start trying to interpret the rest of the world.

American politics is deeply infected with magical thinking. How could anyone possibly take these people seriously? Every iota of their worldview (exception of Limbaugh) is completely distorted by the belief in a genocidal terrorist-god they think is watching over them. Granted, they don't know anything about where their beliefs actually come from. These people are destroying the country and leading us to become the laughing stock of the world. This American religious mellenialism and hope for the rapture and the end of the world is fertile ground for the blossoming of these pathetic brain-washing mannequins.

Science and reason have become out of style. Unfashionable. Looked down upon. We are in serious trouble if this doesn't end soon.
(If this doesn't raise your blood pressure, you're dead)


Charles said...

I'm not sure what's more wrong. The fact that these idiots have large audiences or that they are actually taken seriously as political champions. To me, they're merely entertainers. Face it, if they weren't confrontational or provocative, they'd be off the air. Conflict and tension sells. Savage is more fringe and Hannity is more dangerous, if ony because his viewership is so high. Savage spent some of the 60's on the pipe and writing love letters to Alan Ginsberg, he's a classic self-loathing jew. Hannity has his head so far up Reagan's ass he can smell the bryl-cream.

Aaron said...

Savage regularly claims to have higher ratings than any of these guys, except maybe oreilly. I think its probably true since my afternoon commute time slot has savage on two stations. I try to beware of road rage. Hannity is flat false. Limbaugh is slick but he uses his wits to distort. Hannity just distorts- shamelessly, repeatedly, knowingly.
Sadly, I know of one person who worships Savage, and another who loves limbaugh and hannity. Ive spent some time around the mid-west and the south and its a different universe in some of these places.

Personally, I think It all boils down to a scientific worldview versus a pseudo-religio-manifest destiny point of view in inimical opposition to academia which tries to insult it with facts and repeatable double blind studies. Add in fundamentalist mellenialism and you have a powerful, uniquely American backlash.

Someone said- when faced with overwhelming evidence to the contrary, people embrace their opinions even stronger.

Intrepid Liberal Journal said...

Sadly, Savage and Hannity enjoy a veneer of respectability among the public at large due to heavy corporate support. They're symbolic of why this country is going to hell and a hand basket.