Friday, March 17, 2006

Top Worthless Pieces of Shit in American Media

7) Rush Limbaugh- a devious, slippery, ridiculous liar extraordinaire. He is exhibit A for philosophers who argue against free will. Limbaugh has such little free will that you know how he will interpret events before the details of the events are even released!

Rush doesn't believe in global warming. This just may have something to do with big business. Just maybe.

Rush is low on this pile of human refuse simply because the guy is brilliant and witty. He's one of the smartest of these shameless liars and hypocrites.

6.) Ann Coulter- Why is this absolute fucking nutbag this low down? Because she is uproariously funny and delusional. Nobody takes her seriously (except maybe our number 1), and she is more of an advertisement for her opposition than anything else.

Some people thought this bitch was attractive. Sick. Look at those nutcase eyes. She would have made a great dictator at some point in history. She looks like a cross between Galadriel and Sauron.

Laura Ingraham- Sex, power, money and republican family values. Ingraham appeals to all those porn downloading fake Christian men who want to fuck her doggy style while planting a flag in her fart-pipe with their free hand. Ingraham is a lying religious zealot, hypocrite, and enemy of civilization. If faced with having to kill someone- Terry Schiavo, a child in a wheel chair, or a microscopic embryo, Ingraham would eventually resign herself to rock paper scissors out of frustrated indecision.

In a debate with Sam Harris, Ingraham declares that stem cell research has no scientific validity. Again, no free will. An enemy of reality encased in a traditionalist religious worldview which may destroy civilization.

4.) Michael Medved- Just the thought of this guy's whiny voice makes me want to puke. His worldview is entirely motivated by organized religion, and therefore is utterly nonsensical to anyone who is not religious (that is to say, anyone who doesn't reject ouright the foundations of modern Biology, Philosophy, Neuroscience, Psychology, Genetics, and Sociology).
It makes no difference that Medved really is a great scholar. His dedication to religious babble nullifies any intelligence he brings to the table. And nothing, NOTHING pisses me off more than religionists who rally behind totally cutthroat darwinian power policies with fake religious backing. Nothing! His primary propaganda strategy- take the most wacko left wing nutcase and claim that he represents the mainstream.

3.) Good 'ol Bill Oreilly- possibly the dumbest baboon on the air aside from our numero uno. Apart from inventing the "war on Christmas", Oreilly has also decided to initiate the "war on logic and reason" and the campaign against that horribly un-American tactic, "critical thinking". Like the other clowns on this list, he is motivated and solidly encased inside a traditional religious worldview which utterly nullifies any potential wisdom brought to the table. Only an idiot would not see through Oreilly's wimpy interview tactics. Just watch the blatant usage of logical fallacy here with Sam Harris. Instead of discussing Harris' sharp sensical points, he sidesteps it by changing subjects until he is saved by the bell and reattaches his ass.

(Any Ideas Who the Top 2 Cream of the Crock are?)


Charles said...

Ingraham appeals to all those porn downloading fake Christian men who want to fuck her doggy style while planting a flag in her fart-pipe with their free hand!!!

Damn, Aaron.

Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

I hope you pictured Iwo Jima, with a bunch of fat bald guys.

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