Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Haggard on Sex

Christians have the best sex life of course. No question.


upinVermont said...

So I checked out the website on their precious little shirts.

Wow. It doesn't get anymore blunt than that. Like Sam says, it's all there in the Bible.

Aaron said...

Its funny, I never even checked this website out. It turns out that this is the organization which protests military funerals shouting that the deceased deserved it. They were in the news here last week when they tried to protest a funeral. The governer passed emergency legislation that says that protestors must stay 500 feet away at funerals.

But you know, even though I never considered myself to have the greatest reading skills in the world, even at the age of 15 when I read the entire bible, I understood it enough to realize that these hate filled protestors are on good theological ground. What they say is biblically supported. After reading the bible, one can discern the attitude of "God", and I can only say that their demonstrations are peaceful and humane in comparison to what "God" would say about it, which, if I remember right would be something like- "kill every living thing at the funeral- men, women, and children, and leave not one squirrel or rodent alive. Yea, utterly devastate the land upon which those who dwelleth in iniquity mourn, for this day the LORD hath spoken and his vengeance and wrath is upon those who would give protection to the sinners who commit acts of shgameless faggetry."