Monday, February 19, 2007

Red Vs. Blue; America too Damned Religious?

The red side being fundamentalist literalist nutjobs and the blue just moderate apologists giving shelter to insanity.
I listened to this whole debate and it really is excellent. There were a few arguments I'd never heard before that were compelling. Only in America will you see a team debate entitled "is America too Damned Religious?" with only one "non-religious" person present in the entire thing (Susan Jacoby).
The end result was that 10% more of the audience believed that "America is too damned religious" after the debate than before.
It gives me hope, even though the debate was held in NY and not South Carolina.
Hahaha. Well, I guess this is an improvement over CNN's debate about atheism using three Christians and no atheists. CNN then delayed Richard Dawkin's appearance 2 or 3 days to make room for the Anna Nicole Smith story.
Jacoby is much like Harris. She just stands there and points out the obvious and watches the believers run around a semantical maze trying futilely to find something intellectually defensible about their positions.

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