Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pentagon Manipulated Intel

Okay, who gives a crap right? We've known this forever. But isn't it just astonishing that for years the talk radio and Fox news circle jerkers were condemning anyone who so much as insinuated such a claim. Can we get an apology?
Is there anything at all that they ended up being right about?
At what point do these people just go into a coma for sheer embarrassment? How do they continue taking themselves seriously? And global warming?!?!? Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage are still going on the offensive claiming ther is no global warming. Who in the living FUCK do these assholes think they are? And why do they have so many followers? An old college friend left me a message the other day saying "I don't believe in global warming". He's an avid Rush listener. I have not returned the call because I can't imagine anything humane to say to him. The other day he was telling me that he couldn't imagine how H. Sapiens evolved intelligence so quickly (a few million years). If he can't imagine it (having read nothing on the matter at all) then shit, how could it possibly be true?
The affliction of dogmatic uncritical thinking has swept the land. I think the conservative movement has successfully made antim-intellectual uninformed stupidity a fashion trend.
Oh, and this is a picture of Emma de Caunes from "the science of sleep", a movie I saw last night. I'd rather look at her than some fat bozo politician.


upinVermont said...

My God, she's beautiful.

Just proves there's a God... anyway... what were you writing about? I don't remember.

Aaron said...

You pervert, she's only 16!

Aaron said...

Kidding. She's 30 in the movie, but looks much younger in this pic.