Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Batman and Robin versus a Republican

I just had to steal this from onegoodmove.org. Too good not to share.


Anonymous said...


You are (literally) insane.


upinVermont said...

It all makes sense now. How the Democrats became a wonkish issues oriented party after the sixties & how the Republicans gradually took over the government of the United States, culminating in George Bush.

And we now know the Penguin's secret identity! - Dick Cheney! Think about it... the laugh, the sneer, the walk. He's the flippin' Penguin!

We need to find Batman: take away his superdelegate standing. The guy is the worst thing that ever happened to the Democratic Party.

Aaron said...

Batman has too much faith in the power of the electorate. The entire strategy of the modern political horse race is founded on the unalterable fact that the general public has no idea what it is talking about and is influenced by the most arbitrary pieces of information and the most trivial events.