Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Scott McClellan Punctures the Bush Echo Bubble

As I am sure everyone has heard, Bush's own press secretary has written a scathing book that could easily be mistaken for a speech by Cindy Sheehan.
First thing that went through my mind was "how in the world will Fox news and company spin *this* one?". But never fear, they are already on the attack.
Since Scotty was Bush's loyal right wing confidant, he presents a difficult challenge to the spinsters who typically just use the word "liberal" to sweep any and all credibility from an opposing point of view. What he has to say is obviously the truth from his own vantage point.
About 70% of the country already knows what McClellan has to say is true- that propaganda was used to trick the American people into accepting an unnecessary war. But frankly, I'm gonna have to fork out the money to buy this book. I can't resist seeing the inside story on one of the most tragic mistakes in American history.


Anonymous said...

amusing to the last}:-

upinVermont said...


Some critiques say that he sounds like a left-wing blogger - which is to say - it sounds like he's telling the truth.

What amazes me is how long it took all these people (Bush aides, cabinet members, etc...) to realize who they were dealing with and how they were being dealt with.


There were countless voices, in and out of government, calling Bush & Co. liars (they used euphemisms) during the lead-up to the Iraq war. And still, everyone acts as though this is some kind of revelatory expose.


McClellan is only telling us what we already knew, before he knew it, and even while the dunce was still a press secretary.

There's a reason Bush & Co. hired the ideologues, the party loyalists, the true believers. They're the dumb ones, easy to lead around by the nose. Now McClellan wants to claim he didn't know he was leashed and collared?

Well... I'm not buying. If he didn't know then he was a jack-ass. And he was a Jack-ass because he *should* have known.

upinVermont said...

Just watched the Video:

Charlie Gibson: "It's not our job to debate them [the Bush Administration], it's our job to ask questions."

Charlie, you're wrong.


This is at the root of the problem with the American Press.

The job of the press is to present the TRUTH.

People like Gibson need to be quietly retired.

Aaron said...

The power of 9/11 to obscure people's thinking cannotbe underestimated. Everyone was ready to solute anything under the banner of patriiotism and the media was scared to death to defy the zeitgeist. An event like that in and of itself is like an instant blank check to any hawkish leader.

There's nothing to be done about it. What is astonishing is how long people continued to lie to themselves and how many people still do. The denialism here is classic.

Anonymous said...

The denialism here is classic}:-

upinVermont said...

Good article in Truthout also takes Gibson to task:

"ABC anchor Charlie Gibson, the closest thing to a Fox News anchor at a big three network, took offense at McClellan: "I think the media did a pretty good job." He claimed "there was a lot of skepticism raised" about Colin Powell's prewar UN speech. Media critic Glenn Greenwald called Gibson's claim "one of the falsest statements ever uttered on TV" - and made his point using Gibson's unskeptical Powell coverage at the time."

The article is at: