Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Philosopher Ken Wilber Almost Died

I am amazed to find out today that Ken Wilber almost died- in 2006. Somehow I hadn't heard. He had 12 Grand Mal seizures in a row in one day which led to cardiac arrest and a 4 day coma. The doctors "paddled" him back to life. The doctors admitted later that they didn't expect him to make it and it was because of his excellent health going into it that allowed him to survive.

Wilber claims to have had a couple of classic NDE's during the experience and he claims to have been conscious during the coma. The seizures are a common part of a condition he has which was once misnamed as "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" and is now commonly referred to as REDD or EM.

His account is fascinating to read, and I was truly saddened to hear that it happened (as well as amazed it happened 2 years ago). The world would be missing something without Ken Wilber, regardless what you think of his ideas. I think he has fully recovered now.

This is a great new interview with Wilber where he mentions the experience.

This is his personal account of the experience.


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