Saturday, May 31, 2008

Limbaugh, the Black Knight

I am sitting here listening to Rush Limbaugh go into a tirade over the McClellan book and several other issues. It's hard to imagine what it would be like to be demonstrably wrong so many times in a row on such a wide variety of issues from Iraq to global warming, and yet still have to get on the radio every day and pretend with a straight face that someone should care about what you have to say.

But I admire Limbaugh's creativity. I always look forward to seeing how the maestro weasels out of each development that crushes his beliefs in the eyes of everyone but himself and his uninformed brainwashed dittoheads.

Somehow Limbaugh managed to accuse McClellan of being a "lybrll". I guess anyone who states the obvious must be a "lybrll", especially if the truth denegrates the "Bwoooshhhh" administration. I said that the McClellen story couldn't be spun because he couldn't be blamed for being a "lybrll", but shit, Rush just proved me wrong! Now even McClellan is a "lybrll".

As I listen right now, Limbaugh is trying to sweep all of the republican problems under the rug by blaming them for transforming themselves into"lybrll" republicans. So in Limbaughs world, all the moderates and all the people left of center are "lybrlls", and now even the republicans are "lybrlls"! So because everything is so completely fucked up in U.S. politics, and conservatives can't possibly be responsible for it despite being in power for 8 years, then by definition everyone currently involved in U.S. politics who has any power whatsoever must be a damned "lybrll".

This effectively underscores Arnold Schwarzenegger's statement- "Limbaugh is irrelevent". But only 70% of Americans polled have a negative view of Rush Limbaugh. Who are those other 30%? Might they be the elusive "real" conservatives? I've heard they walk on water and shit roses but one has never actually been photographed in the wild.

A caller calls in and suggests Limbaugh finally abandon the Republican party as the representative of American conservatism. Rush ponders for a moment and says "no, 3rd parties can't win".

So now in Rush's little bubble of self-referential make-believe, the liberals are liberals, the moderates are liberals, and the republicans are liberals. Limbaugh stands on the stumps which were formerly his upper thighs and begs with all the car salesman vocal inflection that he can muster for the evil cowards to stand up and give a fair fight!

Lest you think the black knight only exists in conservative circles, think again.


Aaron said...

By the way, I bought the McClellan book today and started reading it.

CS in New Jersey said...

Ouch. That last reference to Hillary's denial of her eminent defeat hurt. You know that I had been a Hillary supporter in the past. Now I ust want to see her bow out as gracefully as she can, if that's even possible. Any Democrat's better than Senator "I'll never surrender in Iraq" McCain though. I expect I'll just tuck my tail between my legs and vote for Obama (wishing desparately all the time of course that he's purchased and meticulously studied a copy of 'Leading the Free World--for Dummies', or some such text. Aaron, I can't believe that you still listen to those reactionary idiots on the radio, and derive pleasure out of it. Do they inspire you to give off a primal scream every so often? Is that it? That's got to be it.

Aaron said...

Well, when I'm surrounded by people who actually believe what these reactionary idiots say, I'm curious to know why they believe it.

It's like watching WWF wrestling surrounded by people who hate you because you keep saying that it's fake.