Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Atheist Tapes

I passively watched the three part series on the history of atheism as a form of pain relief while I finally got around to the agonizing task of filing mountains of forms and documents ( That I wouldn't understand even if I bothered to read them ) I've had laying around in boxes since moving into my new place. I am now 3/4 done, which is a relief.

The series was interesting, but not life changing. I noticed however, that the BBC had made a 6 part follow up series from the cutting room floor. They included the wholes of the interviews with prominent thinkers- Colin McGinn, Dawkins, Steven Weinberg, Denys Turner, Dennet....

These interviews are priceless in a sense. You are sitting in a living room having a conversati0on with the pinnacle of human thought on manyb of these issues.

This page goes to the Dawkins interview and the rest are on the right hand column.

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