Friday, September 08, 2006

Even Stevphen and Atheism

I have started a book called "doubt a history" Jennifer Hecht. Interesting so far. Somewhat tedious yet informative study of how free thinkers from ancient Greece to modern times made progress by doubting the beliefs of their cultures. Interestingly enough, atheism was punishable by death at times in ancient Greece. According to Hecht's questionnaire, I am an "agnostic" because I answered "not sure" to questions like -do you think there is an underlying conscious force in the universe-. Not sure. It's tough for me to answer such questions because unless I am really adamantly certain of something I have to say "I'm not sure". My thinking is that there may be an aloof conscious interconnectiveness that can be aware and give a shit about the universe or be aloof from it simultaneously. so far, the longer I live, the closer to staunch materialism I get. But I think that the leap from matter to consciousness is more profound and more mysterious than the leap from nothingness to somethingness. It's almost... too good to be true. Or another way of saying it, it may just be too weird to be random despite how seemingly obvious materialism seems. If I really really embraced materialism, I would not even care about these issues anymore.

The following are some gut bustingly funny skits


The following is a really interesting looking 3 part BBC documentary on the history of Atheism. Geez, its hard to find a reason to burn three hours on TV anymore.

part 1
part 2
part 3

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