Sunday, September 24, 2006

More Evidence NDE's are Illusions of the Brain

Brain stimulation creates shadow person

For years we have been studying and discussing near death experiences. I started off as a believer only to find that I could no longer keep making excuses to temper the findings of neuroscience. One of the very common and repeated descriptions of the NDE involves a sensed presence which accompanies a person into the nether-realms. Generally this sensed presence is not seen and is assumed to be an angel or loved one. Often the experiencer will say that she could feel that her loved one was next to her, but could not see her. Michael Persinger did experiments with helmets emitting small electromagnetic fields and found that often people sensed presences. But this was not repeatable in everyone, and some people thought it may be due to the mere expectation of sensing the presence that made it happen. Now it appears we have a smoking gun on the sensed presence phenomenon. Of course, it involves the tempero-parietal area of the brain. Once again, the angels fail us.

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VTPOET said...


The only question worth answering is whether consciousness occurs during that period of time before resuscitation, when the heart isn't beating and no blood is flowing to the brain -- when the brain should be "dead". It all hinges on that. Prove that it never does, and I will concede that we are nothing but the fabrications of dust. In the meantime, I think there's room for doubt.