Sunday, April 30, 2006

Best Political Satire Ever Made Hands Down

Last night after watching the film "Flight 93" on A&E, I felt a sense of nausea and my hands were shaking. I had peeled off all the fingernails of my left hand from nervousness. It was a sense of dread, that there is no meaning, no sense in all of life. I still can't shake it, I just can't move on from this.

For whatever reason I switched it to headline news after midnight and caught a glimpse of Stephen Colbert (pic above) making some mildly humorous jokes at an annual presidential dinner/semi-roast. Watching the clips I would have had no idea what significance this Stephen Colbert segment had. Only later when I watched the entire thing (available in the link below) did it occur to me how extraordinary an event this was. Without the slightest bit of joking or hesitation I can say that this speach by Colbert is very likely the most powerful and unnerving political speach I have ever witnessed. It is made all the more powerful by the sheer look of disgust on the faces of the president and the audience. I felt the same sense of nervousness, and fingernail peeling anxiety listening to Colbert poetically say everything I want to say in front of the president and all of his men.

Stephen Colbert has the biggest balls of any man I have ever seen.

He takes a minute or two to get rolling, and he doesn't relent from there.

The most powerful political speach you may ever see in your life, completely eliminated from the nightly news media.

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Aaron said...

My favorite radio program "open source" will have Stephen Colbert on tonight, apparently. Also on their blog you can get the last couple minutes of the Colbert roast which the other link doesn't include. He makes a comment about Joe Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame who seemed to be some of the only people in the room enjoying Colbert's masterpiece.

I can't really emphasize how important I thought this speach was. I am so glad it has reverberated through the blogosphere as it has. I am puzzled why it has received such little press outside of that.